Contents1 Enoch Flow Records artist YJO releases “Laced up” with Bro J-Phish!1.1 Lyric Video – YJO featuring J-Phish “Laced Up”: Enoch Flow Records artist YJO releases “Laced up” with Bro J-Phish! YJO had […]

YP aka Young Paul “Intercession” feat. Jered Sanders

YP aka Young Paul drops “Intercession” feat. Jered Sanders! It’s a banger! A word just as popular as prayer is “Intercession.” The bars are vivid and at times gruesome, delivered in a way […]

Brinson releases 10th LP “Throw The Crown”

Brinson releases 10th LP “Throw The Crown” and it’s a MONSTER! Not many musicians can say they’ve recorded and released 10 albums during their career. Especially on an independent label. The feat is […]

The “Mitch Darrell” Show Episode 2 with Guest Coop[Podcast]

Contents1 theBookkeeper247 teamed up with upcoming Christian hip hop artist Mitch Darrell to create a show for Christian Artist! In the latest interview Coop discusses why people want to compare him to NF […]

BrianaRae drops “Lord” While Living the Quarantine Life

BrianaRae says, ““Lord” is a song that I wrote while I was struggling with my anxiety and being in the quarantine life. I wanted to create an inspirational vibe with a different sounding […]

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Not By Bread Alone Radio’s goal is to challenge the listeners with practical biblical application, and to give a platform to quality independent Christian artist to get their music heard and exposed. We are a radio station ran by artist for artist, because we know the struggle of trying to obtain radio play and advertisement at local artist rates. God has given us this platform to make it a little easier for artist like ourselves to spread the truth of the Gospel around the world.

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The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good. Proverbs 15:3
The Douglas' Coming Soon - Artwork by Eric Ealons - The Bookkeeper247

The Douglas’ Coming Soon – This is our first interactive Christian Ebook that we are working on. Coming soon God willing! Artwork by Mr. Eric Ealons…

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Music represents our uniqueness, our freedom and helps define who we are. Good music is art, expression and a form of worship. Good music is always personal. the Bookkeeper understands the influence music has on our lives. So, on theBookkeeper247 Christian Hip-Hop Website, we play the truest form of Hip-Hop songs; Christian Hip-Hop.

What does the Bible say about music?

(This Next Insertion Is from God’s Purpose For Music.)

“As with almost everything that God has created for man to use for a right purpose, it should not come as a surprise that mankind has perverted music to be used in many wrong ways. All of these wrong uses originate from the ruler of this world, satan.

The devil was created as the archangel Lucifer, a perfect being in every way (Ezek. 28:12-15), and this applies to his ability as a musician. Lucifer was given the ability to play beautiful music through his “workmanship” and to understand its purpose as well.

But Satan eventually became a perverted being. Now, as the “prince of the power of the air” (Eph. 2:2), he broadcasts into our lives all of the wrong ways to use music. It is now his desire that we use this wonderfully positive tool in a way that God did not intend.

Even though the Bible was written thousands of years ago, it contains numerous examples of the right purposes for music, and these can still be applied today. You will find that music is a wonderful tool that can benefit you in many ways”. (Read More Here)

We are building a community for everyone around our preferred music genre, but this site is God-centered and has something for everyone. We have News, Devotions, Bible Study’s and in God’s will, more to come. Thanks for stopping by and let’s connect! Thanks in advance for helping theBookkeeper247 Change the Culture 4 God. #CHH #tBK247 #ChristianHipHop