September 23, 2020

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30 Day Infusions to Be Better Followers of Christ

30 Day Infusions to Be Better Followers of Christ

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30 days and four essential practices

I have said it many times, “The local church can be like a black hole!” Don’t get me wrong. I love the local church, I am a pastor, and I believe that God’s people (both gathered and scattered) are the best hope for the gospel to impact lives and communities.

But the local church also has a massive gravitational pull that seems to draw believers inward toward each other rather than propel them out into the world with the love and message of Jesus. If Christians are going to have a transformative and lasting impact on the world, we must commit to a rigorous rhythm of infusing four critical elements into our hearts and lives. When we do this, we will be thrust out of the church and into the world.

Every Christian leader and influencer should seek to adopt a 30-day cycle of gathering with other believers and focusing on four essential practices. If we do this consistently and passionately, we will propel ourselves and others into the world with fresh expressions of love, articulations of grace, and revelations of Jesus Christ.


Share stories of evangelistic encounters. Celebrate people who have taken steps toward Jesus. Pray for each other. Remember what God has done in your life since you became a follower of Jesus. Spend time cheering each other on and challenging each other to be faithful, bold, and strategic in personal and church outreach.


Ask each other how you are doing in your own walk with Jesus. Then talk about how much time you are spending with people who are still far from Jesus. Talk about the condition of your heart when it comes to evangelism and passion for the lost. Challenge each other to increase your outreach temperature and passion. Talk about the people you …

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