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Markus Riggs, a.k.a. “4 Minute Sermons grew up in a family of seven outside Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I was raised in a Christian home and home-schooled until I graduated in 2017. It’s been a long painful road walking with God and even more so before I came to believe in him. Between the ages of 8-10 I attempted suicide multiple times. Thankfully the ages of 8-10 are ones of ignorance. Both were failed attempts do to my ignorance. I hated God, I hated church, sermons, people, my siblings, pretty much everyone that didn’t coddle me or “understand me”.

Shortly after I turned 11 I came to believe and know Christ as my Savior. He truly began to move in my life and change my outlook on who I was and what I wanted to become. However my victory in Christ didn’t come without some heavy losses. Just weeks after being saved I stumbled for the first time ever onto Pornography.

The innocence I had was stripped away from me in a matter of seconds. It was from that point on that I would struggle with it for years and years. Throughout my early teen years, there was nothing but war in my mind and it took the hand of God to help me overcome many issues that plagued my early teen years. Some things I still battle but many things God has delivered me from.

When I turned 15 I really began to love the Christian rap genre, artists like the 116 clique and NF really inspired an already existent passion for music that I carried around and I began to rap over their beats and truly develop a passion for writing my struggles unto paper. Writing has always been like a conversation between me and God, the pages just happen to be the translator of those conversations. I became obsessed with making music by early 2017.

As an obsessive hobby, I continued doing that for about 6 months and came out with my first album “The Struggle.” Yet it wasn’t until around the summer of 2018 I decided I wanted to pursue this passion for a living. From that point on I have been doing exactly that.”