Every leader should know how to lead a generation who looks before they leap.

5 Keys Every Pastor and Leader Needs In 2017

Over almost 2 decades, I have seen a resurgence of hunger in the next generation for authentic leadership. They want to come into genuine relationship with Christ beyond tradition to experience for themselves the fullness of His love, His grace, and His power, but they need leadership to guide them. The more we lead them to meet Him face to face, the more they run to His feet. They want leadership that will do more than inspire them; they want leadership that will journey with them. This discipleship of leadership is built over time through the process of trust, humility, and accountability. And this process is as sacred as the influence to lead. More than ever, every leader and Pastor needs to know how to lead a generation who leads before they follow, questions before they answer, and leaps before they look. Here’s what I’ve learned that will help you.

1. Lead from the Source

For me, the most important part of leading is protecting my bandwidth through daily and weekly non-negotiable spiritual disciplines. Regardless of where I am in the country or the deadlines, phone calls, and meetings, the first part of every morning is spent in prayer and devotional reading of the One Year Bible. My quiet time with God is a non-negotiable for me as it’s in those quiet moments with God where He releases vision, imparts clarity, and confirms His word for my life and ministry. This invaluable time has allowed me to slow down my internal speedometer to maintain the constant aptitude to be both the Pastor with the heart for the people and the husband, father, and grandfather with the heart for my family. Next generation Latino leaders have watched their parents work with impeccable ethic, but have missed the power in pause. …

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