A-Ram - Snorlax

A-Ram – Snorlax

A-Ram is back with “Snorlax!” Snorlax is known for being a very large, sleeping Pokémon.

In the earlier games, Snorlax was known for blocking the way of the trainer, on their way forward on their journey. The only way to wake Snorlax was by utilizing a Poké Flute. This would cause a sleeping Pokémon, such as Snorlax, to awaken.

Snorlax in this song represents barriers, blockades that look to derail and block my way forward in life, such as doubters, naysayers, let downs, obstacles, etc. I hope this song encourages you as you not only identify the “Snorlaxes” in your own life, but have the courage to call them out the way. A.R.

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