September 18, 2020

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Album Review: Shopé EP

Album Review: Shopé EP

Album Review: Shopé “Shopé EP” album

Shopé EP album is bold, diverse, honest and personal without a hint of arrogance that glorifies God.

The first track entitled Cinema Shopé shows his versatility in reference to his rap skills! He definitely belongs in the rap game. “I can’t remember the last time I seen my father cry, till my grandma died,” was the first words on the lead track called “Cinema.” Those words hit me personally like a ton of bricks when I was trying to remember the last time I saw my father cry.

The persona of most men is to appear as if we are tough, but Shopé shattered that image right off and made the song feel so personal. I felt like I was watching a movie of his life as Shopé revealed some personal moments. Just like at the “Cinema”!

The next track was the debut single off the Self entitled EP called, “Don’t Let Me Stop.” This song is very honest and defines the battle of the fine line between being successful, quitting, faith, ambitions and aspirations as an artist or anyone trying to be good at what they do in life.

There is a balance we each need to have in our life. I believe the song shows a balance of not knowing what God has in store for each of us and the pious idea that we are better than others. For us as a society to say we don’t think of being successful is not being truthful. We must keep the balance between personal success and not putting your success before God’s glory. This is a line most of us can’t pull off.

Christians are not worried about what the world thinks of them. The opinions of our own brothers and sisters in Christ can be bothersome if we think they don’t agree with our honesty on things we sing about, rap about or speak about. Shopé did a great job by speaking about this issue in “Don’t Let Me Stop.” He delivered an honest thought about ambition that I know personally I battle with and I think the song was portrayed truthfully and humbly; well done.

This EP has something for everyone. Midway through Shopé hit us with a love song called “Mona Lisa (Be Mine.)” Shopé was thanking Christ for sending him the love of his life; his wife and once again you get the feeling that he left his life on the track. The song is very personal and had me thinking of when I meet my wife.

Shopé finished off the EP with two hot tracks called “Confetti” and “The Win” featuring Dru Bex and Julien which showcased the talent on Role Model Records.
Confetti is my personal favorite and is a Saint Banger! The song is a bold statement for Christ and gets me hyped every time I play this amazing music in my earbuds! Shopé is giving all the glory to God on “Confetti!” This track gives you the energy to keep serving the Good News of Christ to everybody! “Confetti” defiantly Glorifies God and you can feel the love of Christ all through!

Overall this self-entitled EP by Shopé who is on Role Model Records is Changing the Culture for God and its Bookkeeper approved!

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