October 27, 2020


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Andre Nostalgic – Judge Me Later

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Check out Andre Nostalgic from the bottom of the map Mamia Flordia with a powerful song entitled “Judge Me Later.”

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Hailing from the bottom of the map, Miami, Florida, Andre Nostalgic comes with an inspirational word mixing it with old school rhythm and rhyme.

Andre Nostalgic, born Andre Leo Brown, founded Fresh Out The Boxx Music Group Inc. in 2006 where he produces and writes all of his music. After joining his middle school band at the age of 14, he developed a musical bug he just could not shake. Ever since that monumental moment in middle school, many have praised him for his talent to play the baritone horn and compose music.

Being that Andre Nostalgic is a very spiritual person, his church upbringing definitely comes out in his music. He credits the incomparable George Clinton and Earth Wind And Fire as a few of his musical inspirations. “When I create music it is an unexplainable feeling,” said Andre Nostalgic. “It is something I love to do. It is my passion.”

Andre Nostalgic has a positive approach to his music, and most of the messages in his songs are about living life to the fullest and enjoying everything that life brings. Glorifying the love of Jesus Christ. With his smooth calm swagger and inspirational message, Andre Nostalgic is definitely the man to watch out for.

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