Starting with the heartfelt words of a father to his son “Even though you are my son, you are first a child of God” Elevator Music is a boom bap hip-hop song that talks about identity in Christ Jesus.

Anthony Sawyers and Phil Darko collaborate on this banging beat to drive home the message that, when your identity is in Christ it cannot be shaken! Anthony Sawyers declares his security in his identity in Christ even within a changing musical environment by rapping the line “It’s a new day a new game for the word play/ That I can talk about Christ and not get nervous.”

Phil Darko raps about the same security he feels being a child of God in the last stanza of his verse rapping the line ” Children of the Most High acquired something higher/ And been given it all so I’m never forsaken.” Together they both drive home the heart of the song that; Whether life goes up or down our identity is secure when it’s in Gods hands, Elevator Music!



Written By: Anthony Sawyers and Phil Darko
Mixed By: Philip Darko
Produced By: Adrian Stresow
Mastered By: Gregory Hatchete

Anthony Sawyers Bio:

Stories are what make us human – the ability to create a narrative and tell it to those around us.

Anthony Sawyers uses hip-hop to tell stories. Inspired by artists like Lupe Fiasco, Nas, and Ludacris, Anthony Sawyers paints vivid lyrical pictures with words, writing songs about his faith in God, the challenges of life and the everyday grind.

Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Anthony Sawyers was first introduced to hip-hop at the age of eight and quickly became fond of the art form; so fond, that he would memorize as many lyrics as he could and rap them to his friends at school.

Since then Anthony has released one solo EP entitled Room Full of Heroes and was featured on MiddleChild Records’ debut EP Behind Closed Doors. He has never ceased telling stories in his songs that captivate and challenge his listeners.

A song like Clean Clothes tells the story of a young man struggling to reconcile true faith with fake religion, and Room Full of Heroes tells the personal story of Anthony realizing that you don’t have to fight alone when going through trials. Anthony’s style can be described as boom-bap for the new school.

Honing his craft by releasing monthly 16’s on his Instagram page for his fans, Anthony has also shared the stage with some local and global names such as: The Dream Junkies, Flame, Shope, Dru-Bex, Jason Mighty, Lord Badu, Humble The Poet and John Rivers.


Sola Ogunbitan (Ceo of Role Model Records + Event Planner)

“Anthony Sawyers is a real pleasure to work with. He is very professional and thoughtful in his approach to delivering a really amazing experience. He is one of the first individuals i think to hire when putting on my events. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is look to put on a memorable event.”