November 29, 2020


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Apostle Thomas, the Sanktified Soulja “Thank You”

Apostle Thomas, the Sanktified Soulja “Thank You”

Apostle Thomas, the Sanktified Soulja drops “Thank You”

With the release of his new hit single “Thank You”, the “Sanktified Soulja” will take to the road and streets with performances for Festivals, in Prisons, Youth Events and nationwide with a goal to use his music to positively influence the youth, drug-addicts, and domestic violence victims as he seeks out those with similar backgrounds as his, drawing them to Christ.

Audio – Apostle Thomas, the Sanktified Soulja “Thank You”:

Apostle Thomas, the Sanktified Soulja Bio:

Apostle Thomas, the Sanktified Soulja” Holy-Hip Hop, Gospel, Christian Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Author.

Thomas Leroy Morrison, A.K.A. Apostle Thomas, the Sanktified Soulja, a native of Seattle Washington, but also lived in California (Compton, Watts and South Central).

While growing up he witnessed many levels of poor decision-making including Substance Abuse, Drug Dealing, Prostitution, Stealing and Robbing.

Through his family members’ influential actions, he too developed a knack for the same kind of behaviors and took similar paths of self-destruction causing him to serve 4 different prison sentences.

During those prison times is when Thomas wrote a great deal of his music which consisted of his hurts, pains, love for his family, his real-life struggles, mistakes, losses, and the deep-seated love that he had for God. Also while in prison, he studied God’s word and developed a relationship with the Lord surrendering his life and was baptized in 1995.

After many successful years in and out of the Rap Music Industry and a short-lived contract with Death Row Records (cut short due to a return to prison), the once a street thug name (T-Lo) and the Gangster Rapper name of (BG Smoov), has now been resurrected to “Apostle Thomas, the Sanctified Soulja”.

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