October 1, 2020


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AR “The Cause” Mixtape Album Alert

AR “The Cause” Mixtape Album Alert

“The Cause” by AR is a MUST HEAR!

AR has been on my radar since Faith in Action submitted “Chh” to us and I got real hyped when they submitted “G.S.O.D.T.” Now after “The Cause” mixtape I’m a FAN!

Naturally anybody’s first track you hear as an artist who has Datin, Jered Sanders and Allico on it you wonder if they can hold down a whole album on they own.

Not saying AR didn’t do his thing on “Real OG” either, but I’ve heard and you have to artist that have big features on their track and you can tell it was only done because they paid the cash.

But what a pleasantly surprise at “The Cause” Mixtape and I’ll be honest. If it’s in the Lord’s will AR will be here to stay!

favorite Tracks:

G.S.O.D.T., Pain, Real OG, Lost Little Girl, Chh, Lil Homeboy, What You Living for, Corruption, Truth Hurts, We On.

I really like the whole thing! The only negative thing I would say is on “Lil Homeboy” I wish it was a full song! I got so caught up in the story and the bars I forgot it was a mixtape.?

”The Cause” by AR brought to you by Faith In Action Records the Bookeeper247 APPROVED!


  1. The Cause Intro
  2. G.S.O.D.T.
  3. Don’t Believe Me
  4. Pain
  5. Real OG (feat. King Allico, Datin, Jered Sanders)
  6. Lost Little Girl
  7. Chh
  8. Lil Homeboy
  9. What You Living for (feat Deuce Juice)
  10. Corruption
  11. Truth Hurts
  12. We On

The Cause is on All Major Outlets:

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