September 22, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

Armond WakeUp “Snooze Button 4” Audio Stream

Armond WakeUp "Snooze Button 4" Audio Stream - The Bookkeeper247

Armond WakeUp “Snooze Button 4” audio stream

Armond WakeUp is proud to present his latest release Snooze Button 4. The release features 9 tracks (plus 3 exclusives for Bandcamp supporters). Guests include: Taelor Gray, Jered Sanders, KamBINO, J.Kwest, Jonathan Baker, Priest, and Bink.

Snooze Button 4 is available now via Soundcloud & Bandcamp.

Snooze Button 4 Tracklist

1. King Booker
2. Morning Run (produced by Armond WakeUp & Doc)
3. Legends of the Hidden Temple (feat. KamBINO)
4. Bodie’s Corner (feat. Taelor Gray)
5. Jurassic World (feat. Jered Sanders & J.Kwest)
6. Chris Brown In The Lambo
7. 7 Miles from 7 Mile (feat. Jonathan Baker)
8. In Love With The Game (feat. Priest & Bink)
9. The Other Side (feat. Jonathan Baker)
10. Ode to Percy Miller (Bandcamp bonus)
11. Conversations With My Cousin, Too (Bandcamp bonus)
12. Electric Relaxation (Live on Hot 97) [Bandcamp bonus]

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