September 22, 2020

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Armond WakeUp “The Worth” Music Video

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“The Worth” is the apex of my most recent EP 40 Days & perfectly sets up my next album Even If I Lose. The idea behind “The Worth” is simple. Society encourages us to find our identity & worth in what we do & what we’re good at & who we know. But if you live long enough, you know all of those things eventually lose their luster & die off. The value is never the same, even though we have to work. However, the Bible tells us over & over that our worth is in Him. Understanding, believing & accepting that we were created by Him & for Him produces a worthiness that transcends time, space & effort. That’s what I wanted to communicate with this song.

Even If I Lose sounds nothing like 40 Days sonically, but the sentiment is the same.

Video: Armond WakeUp “The Worth”

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