Asheville, NC – The culture of hip hop tells us that we must focus on ourselves. We must become the greatest if we want to be able to consider ourselves successful. But God. He calls us, not to be the greatest, but to give up our pride and ego for the sake of the cross. In his upcoming single “Less”, Zach Mehaffey shares that invaluable message.

Mehaffey is following up his EP ‘Truely Blessed’ with this new single that features collaborations with CHH heavyweights J-Phish, MikeyyJ, and PoetiCS.

Less” will is available on all major digital platforms:

The heart of the song is based around the message found in John 3. Jesus is exalted as the Christ by John the Baptist. In the midst of this exaltation, John made his famous declaration that “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Mehaffey described it this way, “Jesus is who we want to glorify above everything. He must become more, therefore I must become less.”


Short Bio:

Zach Mehaffey is a hip-hop artist from Asheville, NC. From a young age, hip-hop was a big influence on Zach’s life. He began writing at the age of 15. Mainstream hip-hop culture began to set Zach on a downhill path with drugs and alcohol, which played a large role in his high school years. After graduating from high school, and hitting rock bottom, Zach met his savior Jesus Christ which drastically changed his life. In the past couple of years, as he has walked with Jesus, he began making hip-hop music to bring glory to God and impact the culture that almost destroyed him. Now, just turning 24, he has been married for three years and is a new father. He wants to continue this avenue and see what adventures God can lead him on.

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