April 16, 2021


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Austin Joyce – Come Outside

Austin Joyce - Come Outside

Austin Joyce drops “Come Outside!”

Brief Description Of “Come Outside”:

Austin Joyce says, “With the spread of COVID-19 and the massive amounts of time being spent inside, we can find ourselves getting so caught up in social popularity and status. It attacks us when we are at our weakest and we go searching for purpose and fulfillment. Insecurities become heightened due to constant comparison to other people and celebrities.

Social media only exposes the highlights while covering up the hardships we go through every day. I hope we stop adding pressure to ourselves and love who God created us to truly be. Let’s go have genuine conversations and dialogue with friends and loved ones or we might easily miss the daily blessings that God graciously gives to us.

You are loved no matter how many likes, comments, and followers you have because we have the opportunity to follow the One who matters the most. So let’s come outside of our screens, outside of our comfort zones, and spend time developing lasting and meaningful relationships.”

Audio Preview – Austin Joyce – “Come Outside”:

“Come Outside” Is Available On All Major Outlets:

Connect with Austin Joyce

Artist Bio: My name is Austin Joyce.

In music, you are given the ability to tell a story and share bits and pieces of who you are.

That is what I am most dedicated to doing through the platform God has graciously given me.  Raw and Real Truth through a musical outlet.

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