I Believe I’ll Run On – Joe Ligon & The Mighty Clouds of Joy “Live In Charleston” album

The Mighty Clouds of Joy formed in 1955, and started recording in 1960, and have been going strong ever since, through “triumphs and tragedies, successes and near failures,” becoming living legends in the process of serving Jesus Christ through their unique musical gifts, which have been showcased in their years of singing Gospel music, taking the genre “to places it seldom, if ever had been.” The original Mighty Clouds of Joy members were made up of members from three different Los Angeles Gospel groups. Today, the current membership is made up of two of the original group, Joe Ligon and Richard Wallace, plus Johnny Valentine, Ron Staples and Michael Cook, who have all been singing together for some time. All members of The Mighty Clouds of Joy have similar backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes concerning their faith and their musical efforts. “We all had similar backgrounds — we were all raised in the church, and we all had a like mind about the kind of music we wanted to do. And we’ve remained dedicated to each other and the quality of the music all these years.” – Joe Ligon.

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