October 1, 2020


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Big Yae - We Up

Big Yae releases Summer Anthem We Up!

Big Yae returns to music with his newest single, “We Up”.  We Up, produced by Juicebangers, is a bright Summer Anthem that showcases Big Yae’s continued growth in constructing mainstream music for all ages.  Big Yae states, ” I wanted to make an anthem that people could turn up to at their house, in their car, at a football game, or at a party.” We Up is Yae’s first single off his upcoming EP releasing in August 2018.

Hot Lyrics:

Do you see this
All of my people need this/I don’t know where the deed is
But we own this
What’s your word to the Bible what is a buddha to Jesus

Audio – Big Yae  “We Up”:

We Up is On All Major Outlets:

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