October 27, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

Big Zvch “Remedy” featuring PoetICS and Cory Curry

Big Zvch “Remedy” featuring PoetICS and Cory Curry

Big Zvch releases second single entitled, “Remedy” featuring PoetICS and Cory Curry.

Big ZVCH says, “Remedy” was created to showcase how God is our ultimate source of peace and how if we stay focused on what He is doing in our lives everything else seems to fall into place.”

Audio – Big Zvch “Remedy” featuring PoetICS and Cory Curry:

You can stream Big Zvch “Remedy” featuring PoetICS and Cory Curry:

About Big Zvch

“Hard hitting drums and ear catching melodies fuel Asheville hip hop artist Big Zvch’s unique sound. Growing up in rural North Carolina Zvch was exposed to a wide range of musical influences early in life, but was fascinated with and drawn into the world of Hip Hop.
Today Big Zvch uses high energy wordplay and lyricism to connect listeners to his own struggles and the Hope he found to overcome them.”

From a young age, hip-hop was a big influence on Zach’s life. He began writing at the age of 15. Mainstream hip-hop culture began to set Zach on a downhill path with drugs and alcohol, which played a large role in his high school years.

After graduating from high school, and hitting rock bottom, Zach met his savior Jesus Christ which drastically changed his life. In the past couple of years, as he has walked with Jesus, he began making hip-hop music to bring glory to God and impact the culture that almost destroyed him.

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