Bizzle – King Feat. H.U.R.T.

Bizzle – King Feat. H.U.R.T.

Bizzle – King Feat. H.U.R.T.

Once again Bizzle is going off and is all the way in his lane with that Truth music. This is the second video released from his up and coming album entitled, “Crowns and Crosses”.


Bizzle Hot Bars:

bullets hot dog pipe down/you talking like you trying to die right now/

truth is, if you get shot you going cry loud/and every drop of gangster in your body going to dry out…. Bizzle

H.U.R.T. Hot Bars:

Cause you from the hood/but you don’t tell em nothing good/

you just sell them poison and the profits move you from the hood/ H.U.R.T.

The album is set to release on 10-21-2016. #CrownsAndCrosses

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