Bizzle Is Set To Release New Album “Light Work 2: Bars & Melodies” 3/29/2019

This news doesn’t even need a write-up. We all know Bizzle’s work and work ethic. I personally believe that God Over Money is the best #chh label from top to bottom.

Video -Bizzle – Way Up (GOM Remix) Feat. Datin, Selah The Corner, Bumps INF, & Jered Sanders:

Pre-order Available:


  1. What Now
  2. Lotto feat. Selah the Corner
  3. Way Up (G.O.M. Remix) feat. Datin, Selah the Corner, Bumps INF, Jered Sanders
  4. 22
  5. On the Low
  6. Never Know
  7. Prodigal feat. Sharon Ann
  8. Shooter feat. V. Rose
  9. Waiting on You
  10. Got for Me
  11. Your Way feat. Palace