April 18, 2021


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Bizzle – “Waiting On You” Music Video

Bizzle - “Waiting On You” Music Video

Releasing his fourth video off “Light Work 2: Bars and Melodies” Mr. God Over Money, Bizzle touches on a subject that I think is relevant for a lot of people with “Waiting On You” Music Video.

One of the hardest struggles in my faith walk is really allowing Jesus to take the wheel. I give it to Him and then I take it back. I give it to Him again when things aren’t going my way, and then when the grass looks green I take the wheel back.

I believe this is a common problem with all of us. Why are we like this? Why can’t we allow God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit take complete control over our steps and decision?

I can’t help but think of  Eshon Burgundy’s album The Fear of God” and a song called “Control Issues” when I think about me personally waiting on God. Even though it’s different in terminology from Bizzle’s song “Waiting On You” it still underlines the problems of allowing Jesus to take the wheel completely. Simply put a lot of times we just can’t get out of our own ways.

“Waiting On You” is like part two of “Shooter” featuring V.Rose. I like how Bizzle starts off by saying, “messed around and found out, praying is the easy part.” That statement right there is so true and sets the tone for the whole song!

If you haven’t heard ”Light Work 2: Bars and Melodies” what are you waiting for?

Video – Bizzle – “Waiting On You”:

Bizzle “Light Work 2: Bars and Melodies” is Available On All Major Outlets:

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