April 17, 2021


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Brad Keaton Yours” featuring Reggie Rocc

Brad Keaton Yours" featuring Reggie Rocc

“Yours” was the same as a lot of the songs that I write, inspired by my wife and our journey through breakups, makeups, fights, marriage, and love but ultimately, commitment.

However, unlike a lot of the songs I write, “Yours” was one of those songs where I sat at the piano and with just a few simple chords, the idea just poured out of me.  The concept began with these lines – “cause I know what I wanna be for the rest of my life” and then the chorus followed with “I just wanna be yours, only yours and you to be mine, mine all mine”. 

As I continued to work on other songs, that chorus just stuck in my head and I kept coming back to the melody and the concept – I knew that this song was going to be something special. 

When I took it to my buddy Jon Philip from North Carolina, who is a great producer and instrumentalist, he began to put an R&B/Gospel feel to it, which I ran with, and that’s when the idea of featuring Reggie Rocc was mentioned.  From there, the idea really began to come together, and as Reggie’s lyrics for his verse came into play, the real inspiration for the song took shape in one sentence – “everybody’s got somebody, and I just wanna be yours”.  The idea then, to release this song and music video on Valentine’s Day, as an anthem to whoever your special someone is, just became a no-brainer.

Audio – Brad Keaton Yours” featuring Reggie Rocc:

Mini Bio

Brad Keaton is a Singer/Songwriter from Spartanburg, SC.  He has an exhaustive vocal range, a memorable look and an ability to communicate a song from the soul.  In fact, Brad would say that he is a soul singer, though the music behind him may vary.  Brad has been singing since he was 3 years old and has been writing songs for 15 years.  He has perfected his craft over the last 30 years, drawing from a wide range of influences. 

Brad is a recording artist, he has been featured on tv shows and on other artist’s albums, and he is a worship leader.  Brad’s first Music Project, “That To This” was released in the summer of 2017 and his Latest Single, “Wrong Way” was released on September 8th, 2018. 

Find All of Brad’s Music and Follow Brad at bradkeatonmusic.com.

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Short Bio:

Reginald “Reggie Rocc” Jones was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC. His love for music inspired him to enter into the world of gospel music in 2013. Later, this love and passion led him to create his ministry called Rocc Bottom. Rocc Bottom is a inspirational clothing and music based brand, that aims to inspire people of all colors. Along with his wife, Wendy, who also holds the title of booking manager, Reggie travels  around the United States, spreading the gospel through his inspirational music and motivational speeches.