Braek Haven - #Chh #bk247

Braek Haven – Autumn Reign Album #Chh

Autumn Reign is a cohesive combination of different sounds strategically made to take listeners on a journey of who or what Braek Haven is and stands for.  These sounds and lyrics put the true meaning behind ‘Breaking All Evil.’  From “Peer Pressure” to “Lifetime Feeling,” and to “War” for example, listeners will understand how different situations cause for different moods and reactions in terms of leading a Christian life.  The album is titled Autumn Reign, paying homage to the scriptures in the bible that references the Lord sending His people both autumn and spring rains, and also to the season in which it was released.  The album title also symbolizes the beginning of my musical journey.

Artist: Braek Haven
Album: Autumn Reign
Album Release Date: December 15, 2017
Label: Autumn Reign Records LLC

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Short Bio:

Braek Haven’s (pronounced break-hayven) mission is to break all evil with the Gospel message of his music.

Braek Haven currently resides in Charlotte, NC but was born in 1992 in Daytona Beach, Florida, and was raised in the small town of Barnwell, South Carolina.  All of his life, he has been taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a small church in the home led by his late grandmother and mother.  With his gift of songwriting, Braek Haven hopes to touch the hearts, minds, and spirits of many to lead them to the only way of truth and salvation; through Jesus Christ.

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