Story Behind the Single: 

Bridgewater says, “the concept behind our new single “Levelz” is God is always taking us through highs and lows throughout our lives but the trials we face stretch our faith and deepen our relationship with him.

He is taking us as believers to new levels to have greater influence and to lead others to him. This song shares parts of our tests that we have faced in our personal lives and how we used faith to remind us that God is in control of everything and uses the obstacles we had to navigate through to work out for our good.

Video – Levelz-Bridgewater feat. Adrion Butler:

Producer: Bridgewater

Original Music by: Omer Agca ( Trkk Beats)

Record Label: Independent ( no major label affiliation yet) – But listed as Bridgewater Music

“Levelz” is on all Major Outlets:


Artist Bio:

Bridgewater is an American urban contemporary gospel group. The Texas-based duo specialize in uplifting, life-affirming music with elements of jazz, R&B, Pop, and Rap.

Joshua “J. Bridge” Bridgewater is the producer and soulful crooner of the group. Born in New Orleans Louisiana, he was introduced to music at an early age. His interest in music led him to pursue a professional career in performing arts in Dallas, Texas. Kristina Witta “K” was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Waco, Texas. Kristina is the female rap vocal lead of this husband and wife group. She has a unique lyrical style, life learned lessons and a soul-rich rasp that puts one in the mind of a new age, MC Lyte. She aims to encourage young women to keep pressing forward, “no matter the setback -turn your wounds into wisdom.” The positive messages in their music are backed by energetic and engaging performances. Their sound is a fresh approach to merge various music genres to share their life experiences, openly discuss social issues and to share the love of Christ.