September 18, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

Brinson “White Gold (feat. Marz Ferrer)” Music Video

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Building on the momentum from his previous EP “Black Canvas” Brinson of GodChaserz Entertainment has released the new music video “White Gold” featuring the dynamic vocals of Marz Ferrer (Andy Mineo, Propaganda). “White Gold” is the first single from Thornz.

This song encourages the listener to be bold in the faith no matter what! Marz Ferrer chants “We Glow” as a testament of hope. Hope that in the darkest times we (the children of God) will shine.

Video: Brinson “White Gold (feat. Marz Ferrer)”

Directed by Will Thomas
Extra footage by Scott Lowery
Make Up by Heather Williams
Models by Leah Partow, Azelia

Thornz track list
1. So Wishful (feat. Big Fil)
2. White Gold (feat. Marz Ferrer)
3. I’ma Believer (feat. Oatmeal)
4. Hater Heaven
5. I Feel’em / Blessings
6. Shepard Me (feat. Cstraight & Eshon Burgundy)
7. Trust Him (feat. Knine)
8. Thornz (feat. Von Won, ReadyWriter & AyeDay 4000)
9. Blessings and Honor (feat. Ben Donelley & Adam Hardegree)
10. One Prayer Away
11. Prayer
12. You Ashamed
13. Shadows (feat. ReadyWriter & H.E.A.V.Y.)

Thornz is available at download & streaming outlets including:

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