Album Alert: BRM Prepares to release first album with Rapture Ready Productions entitled “Gods Goon!” Pre-orders have begun and this album will be dropping on July 19 and it has the potential to be an INSTANT CLASSIC!

Brandon a.k.a BRM says, “the album will be called GODS GOON with features full of great talent! With features from Xay Hill, Black, JayKnight, JDun and with help from others at my @rapturereadyproductions family I’m praying it makes some noise for the people.

This Album for me is about GOD using me where I’m at…and in turn trying to meet you where your at! The album covers and handles a lot of topics that most people can relate too.

As people, our life sometimes looks and feels like a roller coaster. This album has emotions, feelings and testimony wrapped up into one. Topics in this album include: Anxiety, testimony in finding God when I did not know where to turn, changing our perspective and seeking GOD, feeling strong in faith, ready to be sent out, Addicted to music, CHH needing to work together and so so much more!

My life is full of ups and downs but I know what my purpose is and that is to tell people my story and point them to GOD. I’m a goon for GOD, I’m coming to find you and tell you about Him the best way I know how!”

BRM – Ventin Music Video:


1. Everything I Got
2. I’m Ready (feat. Ewell Netter & JayKnight)
3. Rap Addict
4. Let the Fire Out (fat Xay Hill)
5. Wind Em Up
6. Goon
7. Pop Off
8. Where to Go (feat. Black & Jdun)
9. Anxious (feat. GIV)
10. To the Clouds
11. Take a Good Look (feat. Black & Jdun)
12. They Don’t See Me
13. Ventin

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