October 1, 2020


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Brotha Dre. “One Body” (with Marqus Anthony & Dtroit Reed)

Brotha Dre. “One Body” (with Marqus Anthony & Dtroit Reed)

One Body by Brotha Dre, Marqus Anthony & Dtroit Reed is a special song.

“We are one body” sings Dtroit Reed as he calls for Christians to unite and be the example for the world to see. Brotha Dre and Marqus Anthony both perfectly ride the upbeat and happy DJ Lokeise production as they come against racism and bigotry while standing for Christ.

This is one of the most important tracks releasing this summer. Enjoy and reflect. A house divided against itself cannot stand; the kingdom of God must be on one accord. We are one body!

Audio – Brotha Dre. “One Body” (with Marqus Anthony & Dtroit Reed)

Brotha Dre. “One Body” (with Marqus Anthony & Dtroit Reed) Is On All Major Outlets:

Short Bio:

Marqus Anthony is a Minister, Rapper, Writer and Actor from Detroit, Mi. He is also the founder and President of Blessed on Purpose LLC and the Chief of Sraff os The Edge Christian Light Club. His music garnered attention quickly, and debut singl, “Problems” appeared on The Edge Compilation CD. The hit singl “Take Off” was only his second release, yet it was featured on Holy Hip Vol. 20 diwstributed by Capitol Records. His highly anticipated debut album, “Walking by My Faith”, was released in Dec. 2016 and has since been heard by thousands in over 25 countries.

Marqus Anthony has also been blessed to be on The Edge Experience Nationwide Tour and has opened up for artists such as Da’T.R.U.T.H. and Derek Minor. He has been featured on many radios, television and online media outlets such as “Celebrate Live” on Total Christian Television, CHH Today, Trackstarz and many more.

Marqus Anthony testimony is powerful because he is a former scientist that did not believe in God. Miraculously, he opened his heart to Christ and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He renewed his mind and repented, forsaking a sim-filled life of drugs, sex, and alcohol to become a faithful servant at Rhema International Church under Bishop Eric Lloyd. He now lives to tell the world that atheists are yet being transformed by the power of The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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