Caleb McCoy releases visuals for “Get It Back” off his last project entitled, “The Oak Season 3“.

This is a very powerful visual of expression on how one can gain the world and lose their soul by chasing fame, money, drugs, and women! Caleb did a great job in the lyrics and how he portrayed it out in the video as well.  He gave us a  blast of reality by expressing how temptations are around every corner and how we can lose our precious souls by following those temptations.

Hot Lyrics:

I’m going to lose the world and gain my soul

Video – Christian hip-hop Artist Caleb McCoy – “Get It Back”:

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Scripture Reference for Video:

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Mark 8:36

Short Bio:

Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Caleb started his musical journey as a child playing the drums with his family at church on the worship team.

Even though Caleb was raised with a church background and a musical family, he experienced the negative pressures and hardships associated with inner-city adolescence; and got involved with gangs, drugs, and reckless partying. In this season of his life, he formed a local rap group with his friends; and although they enjoyed some success, the music he was making started to cultivate a lifestyle that he wasn’t proud of.

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