Album Alert via the Bookkeeper. These are just some of our favorite Albums either out or on the way. #CHH #bk247

Nobigdyl – Lowercase Tape – Album Alert

Nobigdyl releases much anticipated mixtape entitled “Lowercase Tape!” With his first album release since he walked away from a Capital Records deal, Nobigdyl showed up and showed out like we all expected. Being that Nobigdyl was intentional about releasing a classic mixtape,  he “leaked” it on a dedicated, legend of the game mixtape website DatPiff a few hours before the release. (Great Marketing plan) With

Nobigdyl – Lowercase Tape – Album Alert2019-11-13T13:00:06-06:00

DIE-REK – The Dying Ones

DIE-REK drops much anticipated album entitled, “The Dying Ones”: For as long as this writer can remember, Hip Hop has had an obsession with death. The great Masta Ace asked if it was because we were blessed with less? We still don't know. But from Tupac conspiracies to killing rappers being how to get away with murder way before the TV show, it seems like

DIE-REK – The Dying Ones2019-11-08T13:42:06-06:00

Raging Moses “Head Full Of Dreams”

G season is officially upon us as Raging Moses re-ups with a two-pack of new raps titled Head Full Of Dreams. On Delay, Moses thrusts the unsuspecting listener into that awkward space known as waiting. Whilst being trapped between nostalgia and future regrets, Moses bares his soul like someone getting things off their chest before certain death. He honestly shows how the vulnerability of soul

Raging Moses “Head Full Of Dreams”2019-11-01T13:05:04-05:00

J. Crum – Vigilantes Vol. 1 – Album Alert

J. Crum releases a very solid project entitled Vigilantes Vol. 1! We just slowed down and was able to really listen to J. Crum’s “Vigilantes Vol. 1” and we are really impressed! The whole album shows J. Crum’s versatility in the skill of being an artist. The rap skills is evident especially on his features with nobigdyl and Montythehokage because he held his own, and

J. Crum – Vigilantes Vol. 1 – Album Alert2019-11-01T10:19:47-05:00

New EP “Rawsrvnt reveals who Eddy Puyol is…”

On new EP, Rawsrvnt reveals who Eddy Puyol is... WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Many people recognize the name Rawsrvnt (even if they still have a hard time spelling and pronouncing it.) After all, he's released nine music projects, been a part of record-setting tours, and licensed several of his songs to enhance media coverage of sporting events in NASCAR, the NFL, CFL, and NBA.

New EP “Rawsrvnt reveals who Eddy Puyol is…”2019-10-30T12:13:47-05:00

Thi’sl – Small Things To A Giant(STTAG) Album Alert

Thi’sl drops Small Things To A Giant(STTAG)! Thi'sl is one of my favorite Christian hip hop artists out there and on his latest release "Small Things To A Giant(STTAG) he reminded me why. The rawness and the transparency Thi'sl spit on the album is truly remarkable. Thi'sl has a way to draw you into every word the way he told his latest story through

Thi’sl – Small Things To A Giant(STTAG) Album Alert2019-11-14T11:14:23-06:00

Eshon Burgundy “For the Love of Money” Album Review 2

Eshon Burgundy “For the Love of Money” album reminds me of a perfect date. After setting the tone with the opening act at Carnegie Hall from the the intro “Devoted” featuring Kristin Taylor to “Bloodfire” featuring Steven Malcolm. Eshon Burgundy next set of songs felt like I was outside at a live jazz set sitting in the grass enjoying the show of my life with

Eshon Burgundy “For the Love of Money” Album Review 22019-12-01T19:16:29-06:00

Selah The Corner – “Hoodie Season 3” Album Alert

God Over Money Has Announced That Selah The Corner Will Be Releasing New Album "Hoodie Season 3" on 10-11-19! Selah The Corner’s “Hoodie Season 1” is my favorite mixtape of all time! With Selah The Corner’s gifted lyricisms and the God Over Money artist all over Hoodie Season 3 we should be in store for a classic. We are super excited for this release

Selah The Corner – “Hoodie Season 3” Album Alert2019-10-09T11:26:59-05:00

Eshon Burgundy “For the Love of Money” Album Review Part 1

Listening to Eshon Burgundy’s “For the Love of Money” Album is like waiting in line all day to be seated at your favorite restaurant. Once seated and you get your meal you know it was well worth the wait! After three years removed from his last full album, "The Passover", Eshon Burgundy is back with “For the Love of Money” to fill your soul

Eshon Burgundy “For the Love of Money” Album Review Part 12019-10-02T09:29:05-05:00

Dee Black drops New E.P. “Art of War”

Christian hip hop artist Dee Black of HISstory Music Group is back with his latest release "Art of War!" Dee Black has released his new E.P Art of War with features from Joey Vantes, Thre, Kendall Williams, Shiwan, Tone Spain and Limitless. Audio - Dee Black "Bar Fight" (feat. Thre & Tone Spain): Dee Black Art Of War is Available Here: Track

Dee Black drops New E.P. “Art of War”2019-09-27T18:58:12-05:00

Quan-B – “Revive” Album Alert

New Album from Christian hip hop artist Quan-B entitled, "Revive". Quan-B says, “I went this route because from so many disappointments and issues dealing with my life I felt dead to alot of, God, my marriage etc. This album speaks on the other end of coming out of this depression. Realizing that the true purpose of my ministry is to speak life into

Quan-B – “Revive” Album Alert2019-09-26T09:49:05-05:00

Da Process “Trying To Get To Heaven” Album Alert

Da Process drops debut Christian hip-hop album entitled, “Trying To Get To Heaven” Da Process says, “we just want people to understand how God can move in their lives with this album. We also want people to realize that No matter what they go through God has a purpose for their lives. Our album personifies the Process to salvation.” Track Listing: Fo Sho He

Da Process “Trying To Get To Heaven” Album Alert2019-09-25T13:06:26-05:00

DJ Kideazy – “Bigger” – Album Alert

Bigger by DJ Kideazy is an incredible new album! This self-produced album bangs throughout and features several different styles, including trap, west coast and even ccm/rock. The highlight songs include Loco, Focus, All of Me and Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Overall Kideazy proclaims that his God his bigger than anything else! The brand new single from the album is a smooth joint called Yahweh featuring

DJ Kideazy – “Bigger” – Album Alert2019-09-23T19:09:50-05:00

BrianaRae – Here For A Reason – EP + Album Review

Briana Rae “Here For A Reason” EP should be in everyone’s earbuds, everyone’s set of headphones, every car system and she is definitely here for a reason! A lot of times when it comes to an artist you have know ideal what to expect, especially when its the artist first project. All I have to say is, ”what a pleasant surprise to be able

BrianaRae – Here For A Reason – EP + Album Review2019-09-20T11:40:46-05:00

Sareem Poems x Newselph “88 To Now”

Album Alert! Sareem Poems x Newselph "88 To Now" Older heads often look back at the eighties with fond memories and rightfully so. That decade saw the arrival of the Air Force One sneaker, countless classic albums and the rise of Hulkamania. 1988, in particular, was smack bang in the middle of the first golden era of Hip Hop. That's where Sareem Poems and Newselph

Sareem Poems x Newselph “88 To Now”2019-09-18T12:03:32-05:00

YJO(YehoshuaJone) – Summer In Mississippi” EP Details + Pre-save Link

Enoch Flow Record presents YJO(YehoshuaJone) - Summer In Mississippi” EP and after a sneak preview it’s a really solid project with some great features! Enoch Flow Record presents YJO - "Summer In Mississippi” EP and it has some heat on it! We have had our eye on YJO and I'm really glad to see his growth on this project. What I really like about

YJO(YehoshuaJone) – Summer In Mississippi” EP Details + Pre-save Link2019-12-01T19:17:54-06:00

TC(The Collector) – Tabernacle Melodies

TC(The Collector) continues to light up the summer with his new release "Tabernacle Melodies" Mixtape which is a free download! Coming off a fire EP, entitled, “Imperfectville," Christian Hip-Hop Artist TC(The Collector) is making a lane for himself. With his fuel from God, it looks like TC will not be slowing down anytime soon. Audio - TC(The Collector) - Tabernacle Melodies: TC(The

TC(The Collector) – Tabernacle Melodies2019-08-15T07:17:26-05:00

Pacaso Ramirez – “Sparxx Gotta Fly” Blood Related

BLOOD RELATED ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF THEIR NEWEST PROJECT ‘SPARXX GOTTA FLY’ BY PACASO RAMIREZ Ruther Glen, VA - ​After carefully crafting ‘Sparxx Gotta Fly’ for the last five years, Christian Hip Hop artist Pacaso Ramirez is ready to share his new project with the world. The new project, releasing via Blood Related Entertainment, is 18 tracks of classic hip hop. The title for

Pacaso Ramirez – “Sparxx Gotta Fly” Blood Related2019-08-14T14:52:08-05:00

StefanOtto “Til Heaven Comes” Album Alert

StefanOtto is releasing a new album Til Heaven Comes via Menace Movement on August 23, 2019. Til Heaven Comes features Datin, Selah the Corner, Jered Sanders, DJ Morph, Jay Cabassa, Jes Norris, Jameil Walls and more. Production by Tone Jonez, Tee-Wyla, Theory Hazit, Marv4MoBeats, Soundnami, and more. Watch the video for Body Bag: Til Heaven Comes track list: 1. Til Heaven

StefanOtto “Til Heaven Comes” Album Alert2019-08-08T13:10:45-05:00

Jus Josef – Valley Joe – Album Review

Jus Josef “Valley Joe” Album Review by the Bookkeeper247. Spoiler Alert. IT’S A MUST HAVE ALBUM! Summary: From first listen, I was hooked. One thing I love about music is when an artist has the ability to convey a message in their music. I love when an artist has the ability to tell a story. I love when an artist is transparent and most of

Jus Josef – Valley Joe – Album Review2019-07-31T15:10:16-05:00
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