We at the Bookkeeper would like to welcome you to our Christian HipHop Music Audio page. We believe that the influence of music has a lot of negative influences on the youth; so we would like to show you real hip-hop at its truest form that has a positive impact on your soul. Enjoy & God Bless!


OSI (Original Soul Invented)  releases his brand New Single, "More Like You".  Digging into his roots of Gospel to spread the word of God, OSI enlisted the help of “He's Worthy Productions”. At this company, we know we are not saints, nor pretend to be. We are merely faithful servants and followers of the Most High who understand the importance to spread His word

OSI (Original Soul Invented) “More Like You” FEATURING PRODUCTION FROM SEB ZILLNER2019-04-02T15:48:52-05:00

YCG(Young Christ Gang) – My City – Music Audio

YCG(Young Christ Gang) in collaboration with Enoch Flow Record releases a stellar song entitled, “My City”. YCG says, "My City" is a reference for my soul and body and how Lucy is trying to manipulate me into letting her in. YCG goes on to say that, “My City” is also a song that talks about me not ever having much. I grew up with

YCG(Young Christ Gang) – My City – Music Audio2019-04-02T15:44:09-05:00

Nerva – Over and Over – Music Audio

Hip-Hop artist Nerva drops new single “Over and Over" Over and over I fall but rise above it all through Christ. "Over and Over" is a song about a person who oftentimes feels misunderstood, overlooked, profiled, marginalized, targeted, rejected or treated unfairly, oppressed and hated upon more than most, yet he/she refuse to use his/her pain and suffering to justify unrighteous behavior. Hot Lyrics:

Nerva – Over and Over – Music Audio2019-04-02T15:41:09-05:00

Dungeon – God Loves Me – Music Video

“God Loves You” song message intent is to bring hope to the hurt and weary. Christian hip-hop artist Dungeon says, “With so much going on in the world today it’s easy to lose focus in life. We all go through trials and tribulations and some of us don’t know where to run to, or Who to turn to when we are going through the

Dungeon – God Loves Me – Music Video2019-04-02T15:40:16-05:00

William Pippins – Still Voice (Ft. Will Kellum)

William Pippins has just released "Still Voice", feat. Will Kellum. The Meaning behind this song is how we tend to listen or seek guidance from every other source outside of the voice and spirit of God, which ultimately leaves us in the wilderness, confused and lost. This song is also inspired by 1 Kings 19:11-13 when Elijah was told to stand upon the mountain

William Pippins – Still Voice (Ft. Will Kellum)2019-04-02T15:39:21-05:00

Lady Dri – Don’t Sell Yourself Short feat. Angela Rose – Audio Music

You Are Valuable! Don't Sell Yourself Short by Lady Dri is the ladies' anthem for 2019! Boppy, uptempo production from MIRAQL3 provides a lit soundscape for this gem. Lady Dri delivers a classic wordsmith's flow, dropping bar after bar full of wisdom. Angela Rose laces the track with silky vocals creating a feel-good vibe. The Detroit bred emcee puts forth an excellent ode to

Lady Dri – Don’t Sell Yourself Short feat. Angela Rose – Audio Music2019-04-07T08:50:51-05:00

James Gardin “Funky Funky Fresh (feat. Ozay Moore)”

Alliteration aside, funky and fresh are two attributes that many people desire but few can lay claim to. Throw your whole objectiveness away. You either have it or you don't. Following their epic link up on "Where You At?", James Gardin and Ozay Moore reconnect and provide us with a soothing yet stirring banger to close out the first month of the new year.

James Gardin “Funky Funky Fresh (feat. Ozay Moore)”2019-04-02T15:36:27-05:00

C-Rapstar – One King – Music Audio

C-Rapstar is an emerging artist based in Pretoria, South Africa. His Latest Single "One King" was released after he became a Born again Christian and started to have a desire to Glorify God with his Music, The concept of the Song: The Song is based on the Lord Jesus Christ and How he is the Only rightful Leader the Whole world Needs today! Audio

C-Rapstar – One King – Music Audio2019-04-02T15:35:15-05:00

Daniel Amp “Amped Up”

Daniel AMP is back with a new single featuring production by Spechouse. Have you ever doubted yourself, your abilities, or your purpose? Have you ever felt the overwhelming satisfaction that comes with success only to experience the sudden sorrows of failure? Hardship is indeed hard, but it often prepares ordinary people for extraordinary things. I see a promising road ahead, but the trail I've

Daniel Amp “Amped Up”2019-04-02T15:31:40-05:00


Sinai Releases First Single of 2019 Sinai is ready for the new year with his newest single, “Rally” featuring heavyweight artist, Pettidee. Sinai wants us to rally together in the mist of what’s going on in the world today. Sinai is set to release more singles, music videos and a collaboration album and more! Sinai is also gearing up for his third battle this

SINAI – RALLY FEATURING PETTIDEE2019-04-02T15:30:43-05:00

Marqus Anthony – Shoot Your Shot (feat. Luke G, Plain James & Enlitement) Music Audio

Shoot It! Shoot Your Shot by Marqus Anthony is an infectious, divine bop. The back and forth, trappy and melodious MIRAQL3 production is nicely complemented by sharp cutting flows full of engaging inspiration. Marqus Anthony, Plain James, and Enlitement each offer the raw truth of their own story, encouraging listeners to continuously strive for their God-given dreams in life despite the many obstacles. Luke

Marqus Anthony – Shoot Your Shot (feat. Luke G, Plain James & Enlitement) Music Audio2019-04-07T08:04:57-05:00

Quan-B – Revive – Music Audio

Christian hip-hop artist Quan-B is back with "Revive" his first single off his second upcoming album entitled "Revive"! I had taken some time away from music, to focus on the joys and adjustments of becoming a father, as well as bouncing back from multiple disappointments that led to a point of depression in my life. This song, Revive is a direct reflection of me coming

Quan-B – Revive – Music Audio2019-09-26T09:54:53-05:00

Nerva – Elevate feat. Xay Hill

Hip-Hop artist Nerva released single “Elevate” featuring Xay Hill saying blessings and prosperity or promotion doesn’t always equate to elevation. Nerva says, “even in the struggle of life if we are in good standing with the Most High we are still elevating in the right direction. Setting our affections on the things above is what makes us the richest on earth.” Hot Lyrics “Nerva”:

Nerva – Elevate feat. Xay Hill2019-04-02T15:27:15-05:00

Salt of Tha Earth – Nothin but the Blood – Music Audio

Christian hip-hop Artist Salt of Tha Earth is back with his latest release “Nothin but the Blood” off his album 3G. Audio - Salt of Tha Earth - “Nothin but the Blood”: Purchase: EP - 3G: Connect with Salt of Tha Earth Reverbnation Artist Bio: Matthew “Salt” Postell, is without question one of THE

Salt of Tha Earth – Nothin but the Blood – Music Audio2019-04-02T15:26:31-05:00

YehoshuaJone – Lurking feat. Jasxn – Music Audio

In collaboration with Enoch Flow Record, YehoshuaJone drops his first single feat. Jasxn. YehoshuaJone says, “When I was first presented with the concept of the song I knew right off the gate the direction God wanted me to go. Within this song, there are sirens that are meant go off to listeners about the spirits that we face every day. For the Scriptures say,

YehoshuaJone – Lurking feat. Jasxn – Music Audio2019-04-02T15:23:51-05:00

Sivion “Telecom (feat. Ozay Moore & DJ Idull)” Tarik Sabar remixes

Remixes by Tarik Sabar for Sivion's single "Telecom" off his Group Therapy album. Check out all 3 remix versions and sound off on which are your favorites. All 3 are currently available as free downloads via the Illect Recordings Soundcloud page. DL/Stream: Sivion "Telecom (feat. Ozay Moore & DJ Idull)" Tarik Sabar remixes: Listen on SoundCloud: Sivion "Group

Sivion “Telecom (feat. Ozay Moore & DJ Idull)” Tarik Sabar remixes2019-01-22T08:38:16-06:00

Jay Bizzze – NO CEILING (Run It Up)

YOUNG RISING CHRISTIAN RAP ARTIST JAY BIZZZE DROPS A BRAND NEW SINGLE AIMING TO INSPIRE THE YOUTH! Virginia's own Jeremiah Bell (aka Jay Bizzze) is thrilled to release his brand new single entitled "NO CEILING (Run It Up)". “NO CEILING” is grounded on the principles taught by Paul in Colossians 3:2 (NIV) "Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." This short

Jay Bizzze – NO CEILING (Run It Up)2019-03-09T21:33:32-06:00
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