TC(The Collector) “Dusty Bible” feat. gitemjay

TC(The Collector) ENLISTS THE SUPPORT OF gitemjay ON HIS FIRST SINGLE OF 2020! “Dusty Bible” is a must hear! Behind the music: Fort Lauderdale, FL - Christian Hip Hop artist TC, aka The Collector, made himself known through the release of two projects (Imperfectville, Album & Tabernacle Melodies, Mixtape), seven singles, and his participation in a variety of rap challenges last year.

TC(The Collector) “Dusty Bible” feat. gitemjay2020-02-14T13:35:10-06:00

Jerrell Golden “Penny Hardaway” feat. Jered Sanders

Multi-Award Winning International Christian Hip Hop Recording Artist Jerrell Golden releases "Penny Hardaway" feat. God Over Money artist Jered Sanders! Jerrell Golden says, “Penny Hardaway” speaks on the inner champion within us all. With the “Big Man” on our side, there are no limits to our greatness. Audio - Jerrell Golden "Penny Hardaway" feat. Jered Sanders: "Penny Hardaway" Is Available Here: Apple Music:

Jerrell Golden “Penny Hardaway” feat. Jered Sanders2020-01-31T20:37:16-06:00

Marqus Anthony – IS HE STILL GOD?

Marqus Anthony asks a serious question in new song “IS HE STILL GOD?” This is a super chill lo-fi vibe produced by Oh-So. Marqus Anthony pours out a variety of feelings in this heartfelt single. He addresses the emotional roller coaster of being a prayerful individual. Is God still supreme, just and good even when our prayers go unanswered? How do we cope with

Marqus Anthony – IS HE STILL GOD?2020-01-31T08:10:54-06:00

Marqus Anthony x Trutha x PoetiCS – Replay

Marqus Anthony and Trutha, "Replay", produced by PoetiCS, is a godly banger! Trutha brings dope flows and witty bars creating a slick verse. Marqus Anthony comes in next utilizing a variety of cadences and vocal tones to get across his message. Overall, the song brags on the goodness of God and encourages the listener to trust in the Lord. Audio - Marqus Anthony x

Marqus Anthony x Trutha x PoetiCS – Replay2020-01-21T16:42:50-06:00

James Gardin – “Parade”

Michigan recording artist James Gardin marches all over EssBe’s production. Showing a demonstration of self-love, and protecting one’s soul and mission from negativity and misery. Come join the “Parade”. Parade is the perfect anthem  to get you pumped up before a game, job interview and whatever the next thing you plan on conquering. Play this song when you feel good , play it when

James Gardin – “Parade”2020-01-03T14:23:19-06:00


THE DRIP IS JUST GETTING STARTED DEBUT SINGLE “HONEYCOMB” FROM gitemjay AVAILABLE NOW! Pacific Northwest - The voice may sound the same, but the brand has been overhauled as Christian Hip Hop artist gitemjay, formally Jus Josef, takes his craft to the next level. The first example of the growth that gitemjay has experienced over the past year comes in the form of the

DEBUT SINGLE “HONEYCOMB” FROM gitemjay AVAILABLE NOW!2020-01-30T08:03:14-06:00

Cellus Hamilton & Canton Jones “Big Stages”

CELLUS HAMILTON DROPS NEW SONG WITH CANTON JONES! Coming off of Black Friday, the internet is full of advertisements seeking to capture your attention. On another note, Cellus Hamilton is seeking to do the same. For the third consecutive Friday, Hamilton has released another new song! In keeping with tradition, this song also features a special guest…Canton Jones. Cellus Hamilton is a huge fan

Cellus Hamilton & Canton Jones “Big Stages”2019-12-04T09:57:40-06:00

Big Zvch “Remedy” featuring PoetICS and Cory Curry

Big Zvch releases second single entitled, “Remedy” featuring PoetICS and Cory Curry. Big ZVCH says, “Remedy” was created to showcase how God is our ultimate source of peace and how if we stay focused on what He is doing in our lives everything else seems to fall into place.” Audio - Big Zvch “Remedy” featuring PoetICS and Cory Curry: You can stream Big Zvch

Big Zvch “Remedy” featuring PoetICS and Cory Curry2019-11-22T09:46:00-06:00

TC(The Collector) – Doors – Prod. By – DJ Barrcode

TC(The Collector) drops “Doors” Produced By DJ Barrcode! TC(The Collector) says, “By the music - I wanted to bring our focus back to the person who actually open up the doors in our life. Promotion comes from the Lord not man and sometimes there are those who may not understand or agree but what we give an do in secret God sees an rewards us

TC(The Collector) – Doors – Prod. By – DJ Barrcode2019-11-15T12:40:41-06:00

Big Yae – Amen

Big Yae is grateful with new single Amen. Big Yae has been saying for two months that his album is done and now he has released the first single titled, Amen. The Killawatts produced track, sees Yae reflecting on how far he has come in his 22 years of life. After reflection, Yae ambitiously claims that this will be his year and that he has

Big Yae – Amen2019-10-25T07:46:52-05:00

Nomis Releases “Atlas”

Drafting out of the momentum of the group cypher, "Open Season", Nomis releases his second single, “Atlas”, in the "Least of Green" series. Unlike the previous single, Nomis keeps the alphabet acrobatics all to himself on this one. "Atlas", is a fun song that celebrates Hip-Hop, speaks to the early years of Nomis' development as an artist, and ultimately lands where Nomis is now as

Nomis Releases “Atlas”2019-10-18T09:49:43-05:00

Tee-Wyla & Datin “Revolt”

In this game of sub-par bars, playing politics and a whole bunch of other foolishness, sometimes you have to say it how you see it. Producer extraordinaire Tee-Wyla links up with super emcee Datin, to rage against the machine and break it for good in “Revolt.” Tee-Wyla‘s production sounds like Thanos doing the A-Town stomp at an outdoor church service. The sense of rising

Tee-Wyla & Datin “Revolt”2019-12-01T19:16:44-06:00

Jermaine LeMor Releases “On My Way”

F.K.A. Sinai, Jermaine LeMor Releases New Single in New Sound, entitled “ON My Way.” Jermaine LeMor releases newest single with a new sound for Christian Hip Hop artist. Produced by Kenyan Producer, Briizy Beats. You rarely start any journey fully supplied with everything you need. Some things are received through hardships, failures, testing and even pressure. But that shouldn't stop us from pursuing what

Jermaine LeMor Releases “On My Way”2019-09-13T08:46:23-05:00

DJ Kideazy – “Keep It 100” feat. Porsha Love

Keep It 100 featuring Porsha Love is a very fun, catchy banger! As usual, DJ Kideazy produces the track himself, creating a boppy yet hard hitting slapper. Porsha Love is the perfect feature as she truly keeps it 100 in her verse by rhyming nothing but the truth using her patented powerful delivery. Kideazy slides during his verse switching flows and keeping the listener

DJ Kideazy – “Keep It 100” feat. Porsha Love2019-09-06T07:46:54-05:00

Raging Moses “Talk To Me”

With the feelings of a G still intact, Raging Moses returns with a brand new single,"Talk To Me"  just in time for when the leaves fall. In less than three minutes, he reminds us that in this world of spilling tea and clapping back - it's good to talk. For his new single, Raging Moses catches one over a sleek and dreamlike soundscape. While

Raging Moses “Talk To Me”2019-08-30T13:08:41-05:00


Coast To Coast - F​iveTwenty Collective is a Christian Hip Hop (CHH) platform that promotes independent artists and looks to provide a space where they have an opportunity and a voice. During 2019, FiveTwenty has held two #BarsChallenge competitions. The result is the new song “Lion’s Den” that features the winners of those two challenges. Jus Josef and LilRed bring their lyrical abilities on


Out of Pocket featuring Josiah Lowe, J-Phish & Mitch Darrell

Enoch Flow Record drops Out of Pocket featuring Josiah Lowe, J-Phish & Mitch Darrell! A DOPE PoetiCS TRACK! Enoch Flow Record drops Out of Pocket featuring Josiah Lowe, J-Phish & Mitch Darrell the winner of the “Grind Da mic Challenge.” #grinddamic #grinddamic is live, ends 3/27 — Community peeps (@Enochflow) March 13, 2019 Audio - Out of Pocket featuring Josiah Lowe, J-Phish & Mitch Darrell:

Out of Pocket featuring Josiah Lowe, J-Phish & Mitch Darrell2019-08-16T12:00:17-05:00

Until Completion & Marqus Anthony – RISE

Marqus Anthony's RISE, produced by Until Completion, is a somber yet uplifting alternative rock/hip-hop collaboration. Until Completion sings great melodies with poignant lyrics and Marqus Anthony drops an emotional and very written verse. This song RISE is an encouragement and reminder that, even as Christians, when we fail and stumble, we are not defined by the lies of the accuser or by our mistakes,

Until Completion & Marqus Anthony – RISE2019-08-09T09:04:49-05:00

Ray Knowledge – One Time

”One Time by Ray Knowledge is a uplifting, smooth, riding banger.“ Ray Knowledge is easily becoming one of my favorite rappers. Using crafty lyrics and catchy rhythms, Ray Knowledge pays tribute to those that have kept it real with him even in times of struggle. This nice Supreme production is perfectly complimented by this one of a kind Atlanta emcee. Turn up and enjoy

Ray Knowledge – One Time2019-08-02T09:50:10-05:00

J. Crum “Alright (feat. Jessica Crum)”

J. Crum has just released his brand new single ALRIGHT featuring his wife Jessica Crum. The song was produced by frequent collaborator Tory Hooks. This song is a celebration of love and life! With the hard hitting drums and groovy bass line it's going to be hard for you not to start moving. "I simply wanted to create this song to celebrate love and marriage," says

J. Crum “Alright (feat. Jessica Crum)”2019-07-19T10:21:42-05:00
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