Cellus Hamilton Announces New R&B Album!

What rapper leaves their genre to drop an R&B album? And who actually drops it on their wedding day?

Hip-Hop artist, Cellus Hamilton’s big day is quickly approaching and to celebrate, he’s releasing his upcoming album, “Washing Her Feet”.  The album is dedicated to his future wife and is completely inspired by his relationship with her. Hamilton also has listed this as an R&B album which leaves speculation about the sounds included on it. Pre-orders begin on March 6, 2019 and the album officially releases on March 22, 2019 on all platforms.

Hamilton is known for dropping albums that are “unconventional.” His lyrics are thought-provoking and honest which often leaves him in a complex space amongst critics. With an explicit content label on the cover, you probably should prescreen the album before listening to it around your kids. Cellus Hamilton directs this album for the married couples who are legally able to act on the sexual urges he sings about.

When asked about the inspiration behind the album, Cellus states:

“God created sex, shouldn’t his people be the main one talking about it? Culture and society has perverted the true meaning and purpose of sex. Sex was created to be an expression between husband and wife in order to experience a deep intimacy that is pleasing to God. It is an act of worship.“

Album track names include “Laying with a Goddess”, “All Mine”, and “Gave You Everything.”

“My favorite song from this project is definitely “Like Jesus”  because it talks about the drama involved in conflict and the world tends to ignore this reality.”

Some of the album features include Isaiah Jenkins, Rich Perez, and Xiolynn. The album also features production by Lee Roundtree, Smayni, Jaydot, and many others. This is an album you don’t want to miss!

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