While the world is sheltering inside during the global pandemic known as Covid-19, Cellus Hamilton & Navelle Hice have once again joined forces to bless us with some new music. The new song is called “Dignity” and features production from Jammy Beatz. Fans are always excited to see the two artists working together due to their complementing styles. Navelle Hice is a gifted emcee from Chester, Pennsylvania who has a long history of hip hop success. He shines with amazing wordplay and witty punchlines that seem effortless. Cellus Hamilton is a creative lyricist from Atlanta, Georgia who also has a long history in the hip hop world. He is known for his poetic verses and conceptual storytelling. The song “Dignity” is a perfect merge of their unique styles.

Due to covid-19, Cellus Hamilton & Navelle Hice were forced to get creative in order to deliver a music video “Dignity”. They utilized their individual locations and combined the footage in a cohesive way to bring an enjoyable experience for the fans. The music video will be released at 6:10PM to keep with Navelle Hice’s tradition of releasing music videos at the time corresponding to his hometown area code.

As if all this weren’t enough, the two artists are frequent collaborators and even once were members of a short lived hip hop group known as Bin Chivalry. After many rumors of a possible group reunion, it seems that the group will no longer be continued. However, on an Instagram post created by Cellus Hamilton in December, it was revealed that there is an entire completed album between the two artists. The post indicated that Cellus Hamilton & Navelle Hice would not be releasing the album. Make sure you stream “Dignity” on all platforms and check out the music video on YouTube.

Audio – Cellus Hamilton & Navelle Hice “Dignity”:

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