September 18, 2020

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Cephas – KNGDM State of Mind Pt. 2 (Video)

Cephas - KNGDM State of Mind Pt. 2 (Video)

The inspiration for Cephas – KNGDM State of Mind Pt.2 came about as Cephas was serving as an evangelist for a local Church. 

He was in a board meeting discussion about how to reach the community with the Gospel and the lead pastor decided that evangelism was worthless because “it didn’t equal butt’s in seats on Sunday mornings” and cut funding to their outreaches.  That was enough for Cephas to pull his support for the Church… and write the verse for KNGDM State of Mind Pt.2 declaring:

I thought the spreading of the gospel

was the mission

Did everything for this church

And they go dismiss it

Than I caught a glimpse of

My saviors face

Blood dripping

From what had taken place

Religious leaders saying what a disgrace

But the same ones who drove the nails in place

Were the same ones He came to save by His amazing grace

In his efforts to pull away from Churches that were more concerned about building their platforms than sharing the Gospel, Cephas received much undue criticism… even from people who claimed to be his friends.  It was obvious that some had grown jealous of the fact that he wasn’t reliant on titles or positions of influence.  To Cephas, being part of a leadership team was about reaching people… not merely a move towards career advancement… fueling the lyrics:

But God is who I’m loyal to

Been around too many disloyal dudes

Posing like the chosen few

but were jealous of the levels I was going to

Afraid of the man of God

I would grow into

As I would show and prove

Hence, a KNGDM State of Mind is one focused on reaching the lost… not building a platform.  It’s also one that is rooted in forgiving those who would rather build a platform than God’s kingdom.  At the end of the day that’s the only way to swing them towards the light.

Video: Cephas “KNGDM State of Mind Pt. 2”

Audio credits

Produced by: Snares

Re-Mixed by: Cephas

Written by: Cephas

Mixed & Mastered by: Cephas & Matt Da Light Flame

Video credits

Produced & Directed by: Cephas

Shot by: Duncan Clan Productions

Edited by: Duncan Clan Productions & Cephas

About Cephas

No stranger to CHH Cephas got his start in ’02 carving out a reputation for himself as a go to producer for combining vintage vibes with modern sonics. His soulful jazzy productions garnished the attention of some of CHH’s elite including Datin, Bumps INF, Bizzle, Selah The Corner, Beleaf of The Dream Junkies, Lavoisier, Yaves, D-Maub, K-Drama, and others.

As a DJ Cephas has had the privilege of backing NF at Creationfest, was the headlining DJ for the Love Is Red conference twice (feat. Carl Lentz, John Gray, Rich Wilkerson Jr, Elevation Worship, & Andy Mineo), and co-hosted as a DJ for KB, Tedashi, Thousand Foot Krutch, and the Jabbawockeez dance crew with Nick Hall for the Pulse Cleveland Crusade.

Not only has Cephas been active as a producer & DJ but he has had his hands in other aspects of the music industry as well. As a show promotor for the midwest him and his team have hosted the likes of Social Club, Bizzle, Christon Gray, KB, Tedashi, D-Maub, K-Drama, Yaves, Selah The Corner, Sevin (Hogmob), Beleaf, Ruslan, and John Givez, among others.

At the end of the day… Cephas refrained from the pressures and lures of the secular hip hop industry for a reason: because spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is his single most important goal as an artist. At all of his shows (even when promoting) he preaches an extremely clear Gospel message and it’s estimated that over the last decade thousands of young people have heard the Good News through His music ministry. The music is a blessing however it serves even a greater purpose in drawing people closer to the call God has on their lives.

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