April 10, 2021


Changing the Culture 4 God



CHRIS TYK says, “”FIRE SIDE CHAT” is a conversational style, concluding thoughts of mine and maybe your insane 2020, the name inspired by FDR’s “Fireside chats” as they were called when addressing the nation. In the same way, I’m addressing the Kingdom and ultimately everyone else, with the final thought being that we are of course not without hope and we press on.”

Audio Preview – CHRIS TYK – “FIRE SIDE CHAT”:

CHRIS TYK – “FIRE SIDE CHAT” Is On All Major Outlets:

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Artist bio:

I’m an artist from Columbus, Ohio. I never had an interest in pursuing music originally, I started at about 17 – 18 (I’m 28 now), doing “text battles”. They’re exactly as they sound, rap battles done through typed out verses, typically over Facebook and other social sites.

I grew to like making songs and took it seriously by the time I was in college. Performing many times between Columbus and Cleveland. When it seemed I was picking up enough traction to try my first song in music stores, after just one single I changed my music.

In the year following my college graduation in 2015, I became a Christian and felt convicted to change my music. My music was generally clean, or at least I aimed for it to be. So the change in this aspect felt natural.

I don’t like terms like “Backpack rapper” or anything, you could call me a Christian rapper, it’s a title I’ll take but maybe not self impose, I consider myself apart of CHH. Overall all I’m Just a newly born Christian trying to make great music and honor my God as I do.

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