Chris TYK says, “U Have Me” is a love ode to both my wife and God, mixing the two in such a way the two relationships are often related.

Originally released on Soundcloud, I decided to re-release with an added verse, bringing back the now uncommon 3rd verse in this upbeat pop/rap space that is different from my usual!”

Audio Preview – CHRIS TYK – “U HAVE ME”:

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Artist bio:

I’m an artist from Columbus, Ohio. I never had an interest in pursuing music originally, I started at about 17 – 18 (I’m 28 now), doing “text battles”. They’re exactly as they sound, rap battles done through typed out verses, typically over Facebook and other social sites.

I grew to like making songs and took it seriously by the time I was in college. Performing many times between Columbus and Cleveland. When it seemed I was picking up enough traction to try my first song in music stores, after just one single I changed my music.

In the year following my college graduation in 2015, I became a Christian and felt convicted to change my music. My music was generally clean, or at least I aimed for it to be. So the change in this aspect felt natural.

I don’t like terms like “Backpack rapper” or anything, you could call me a Christian rapper, its a title I’ll take but maybe not self impose, I consider myself apart of CHH. Overall all I’m Just a newly born Christian trying to make great music and honor my God as I do.

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