Christian hip-hop Artist Trill Will drops “Soul Purpose”

Christian hip-hop Artist Trill Will drops “Soul Purpose”

Christian hip-hop Artist Trill Will drops “Soul Purpose”

Christian hip-hop Artist Trill Will has an unbelievable album out entitled “Soul Purpose.”

Trill Will has been on our radar for a minute now. The country swagger, aggressive bars, and the Southern flow compliment Trill Will well! It sets him apart from other CHH artists and gives him a bold stand alone lane in this genre. If I would add he has everything he needs in Christian hip-hop to be successful.

  1. God
  2. Humbleness
  3. A heart for ministry
  4. A true rap gift from God!
  5. Unashamed of the Gospel! (frfr)

You can tell when someone has been there and back and is thankful for all God has done when they weren’t even walking with the Lord! Trill Will is grateful, remorseful, and is on a serious ministry for God!

He shared, “I’m out here because this secular music is targeted at our youth. I want God to use me so they can see something different about God and hip-hop.”

If you enjoy scriptures, metaphors, gospel rap, Christian hip-hop, hip-hop and pure lyricisms with a lot of transparency you will love “Soul Purpose.” This album has definitely pleasantly surprised us!

Audio – Trill Will “Soul Purpose”:

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Bird On A Wire
  3. Stairway (2 Heaven)
  4. Glorify Him
  5. Angels
  6. Psalm 144
  7. By A Stranger
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3 thoughts on “Christian hip-hop Artist Trill Will drops “Soul Purpose”

  1. A true man of God, he always stands on his faith and practices what he preaches. A very gifted and talented individual who has allowed God to use his skills and life story as a true testimony. Not only that but a man I know personally and am proud to call a true friend proud of you bro

  2. That’s my baby!! I’m so proud of you! You’ve gone through so much and dealt with SO MUCH ridicule from people you thought were your homies for loving the Lord and doing his work! And not ONCE did you let them swerve or take your mind into doubt! I love you so much and hope that this doesn’t stop here for you. You try to help the community when they aren’t working you to death and still get up and do the work even when you had little to no sleep. I thank God for this talented man and I KNOW this isn’t it for you. #GodSquad

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