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We’d Love to Hear From You, Get In Touch With Us and Submit Your Christian hip hop Songs & Videos!

Christian hip hop Song SUBMISSION:

Please e-mail your Christian hip hop songs / singles / free album downloads /SoundCloud links / Tour Dates/ Breaking News to [email protected].


.mp3 file as an attachment or link to download the free album
hi-res single/album cover sized at 600×600 pixels. Artwork must not contain ANY promotional content (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
producer, lyrics (if possible), and social network profiles
link to stream the song or album

Christian hip hop VIDEO SUBMISSION:

E-mail Subject: “VIDEO: ARTIST – TITLE”.

Please send us your Christian hip hop video (link to download, or YouTube link).

Email your submission with permission to [email protected].
You can copy and paste this general permission statement to use when emailing us, “I (name) give The Bookkeeper permission to post my music video (name of video/song) to their website.”

If you would like us to upload your video/audio to our Facebook Page, or YouTube Page please let us know. We would need permission to RIP it so we could upload it properly and directly to our networks.

Sidenote – We are on Apple News now and Apple News and Soundcloud aren’t compatible. So if you want us to share your audios on Apple News you’d need to send us your MP3’s. We would block your MP3’s for download for copyright protection but people would still be able to listen to your music.


You can send press releases, news, release dates and links to download your hi-res album cover art/images to [email protected].


We do not have promotion packages but if you’d like us to promote your content on our social media platforms so it can reach more people, you can give a love offering. If you would like to donate to the cause and help us change the culture 4 God feel free also. Thanks in advance.

Email Subscriptions:

By submitting your work to us we add you to our special Music List in our Newsletter Email Campaigns. This is not a form of spam and we don’t plan on spamming you. We are on a mission to change the culture 4 God and by doing this we hope these emails will keep you informed with other Christian hip hop artists that submit to our website. This may bring more support for the artist and maybe some future features between artist. Thank you in advance.


We do investigative you and your material, however, this is not our source of income. Please make it easy for us to cover you. Be thorough, and honest!

Please do not feel just because we are Christian’s that we are obligated to post your material because you are a Christian. If we find out that any information you submitted was done dishonestly we will not be held liable and we will delete your material IMMEDIATELY! Christian Rappers or Rappers that Christians, submit us quality content that promotes Christ and we’ll post it and keep Changing The Culture For God Through Media.

Thank You and God Bless.

the Bookkeeper

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