September 29, 2020

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Christians at Sundance

Artist reports from 2017 Sundance Film Festival

Christians at Sundance

This past Sundance Film Festival, I enjoyed reuniting with the Windrider Forum. Between the note-taking and the water bottle filling, I saw communal lament, sincere prayer, and verbal commitments to fight for the rights of the oppressed.

The Windrider Forum donned its twelfth year at the Sundance Film Festival. The voices of keen minds and incandescent hearts thundered through the hall. You could almost feel the electricity buzzing through your limbs. These people just love the craft—cinema.

Of all the arts, cinema is the most widely accessed. The narratives that we consume transform our own lives. They nourish us with modern myths, giving insight into the past, patience for the present, and visions for the future. Yes, films entertain, but they are much more than mere entertainment. Film is not just an avenue to communicate a message, a monologue of one-way statements. Good films are always a dialogue.

Stories that call out our experiences transfix us.

They ask us questions that force us to respond. The dialogue of film weaves through our everyday lives.

The Windrider Forum exists “to create live and virtual community spaces across the globe that allow people to thoughtfully explore the centrality of story in how we make and understand meaning in the world.” A variety of screen fans gathered at this four-day program—from filmmakers to seminary students, writers to engineers. Windrider is now the largest ticket purchasing group at Sundance.

Alongside attending those whimsical and provocative Sundance-style films, the Windrider chums explored spiritual themes through and in the art of film.

This year, Windrider put up a panel discussion on Silence, which included visual artist Mako Fujimori and Professor …

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