Race in America: Corporate Repentance, and the Cross We Collectively Must Bear

National Evangelist for InterVarsity USA

Things have never been better and things have never been worse. The long string of Black men killed in the streets by police has sparked a new era of disgust, confusion, and fear.

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Tony Robinson, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, and now Terence Crutcher—all Black men killed in altercations with police, all names that help fuel our national debate of ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘All Lives Matter,’ and ‘Blue Lives Matter.’

Nothing has changed—that is, except body and dash cams, mobile live streaming, and YouTube. Likely, there has been no increase in racialized violence or abuses on the part of law enforcement. It’s just that now we can see it in 1080p as it happens.

Before now, we in the Black community would consider such events the unfortunate normal.

We live in a different world now, but it is unfortunately the same world when it comes to race. Our new world is merely showing us what we’d like to forget and presents a unique problem for Christians.

As a Black evangelical, my heart breaks twice—once for my people who feel invisible, worthless, and disposable. As a Christian leader, my heart breaks a second time over godlessness of so-called Christians in chat rooms, social media threads, and news forums who display much ignorance and un-biblical thinking around our racialized country.

Our race problem in America has nothing to do with gun violence, second amendment rights, socio-economic disparities, militarized police departments, or the decline in general civility. These are merely convenient scapegoats in our fear-filled and confused world that is looking for simple answers to complex problems.

Our problems are spiritual problems that …

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