Culture Villains announces “Preseason” Compilation Album

Culture Villains announces “Preseason” Compilation Album

Culture Villains is set to release a 13-track compilation album on February 15th, titled ‘Preseason’!

The album contains new music from CZAR Josh, Kham, and Big Yae while boasting guest appearances from Shiwan, seni., John Givez, and KJ Carter. Listeners can find a diverse selection of production on ‘Preseason’ which was handled by JuiceBangers, seni., MLJ Tha Beatmaker, Killawatts, and Enzo Gran.

Preseason is now available for pre-order on iTunes with 5 songs available for immediate download.


1. Nat’s Intro [Prod. JuiceBangers and Big Yae]

2. Roll The Dice (feat. Kham) [Prod. by JuiceBangers]

3. We Up (feat. Big Yae) [Prod. By JuiceBangers]

4. Burnin’ Rubber (feat. Kham & Shiwan) [Prod. By MLJ Tha Beatmaker]

5. Dreamland (feat. CZAR Josh) [Prod. By Killawatts]

6. Survive (feat. Kham & Seni) [Prod. By seni.]

7. IDWCMH (feat. CZAR Josh & John Givez) [Prod. By Enzo Gran]

8. Gorgeous (feat. Big Yae) [Prod. By JuiceBangers]

9. Eden (feat. Kham) [Prod. By Enzo Gran]

10. Mcknight (feat. Kham & KJ Carter) [Prod. By Enzo Gran]

11. Can’t Help It (feat. CZAR Josh) [Prod. By Killawatts]

12. We Gone Ride (feat. Big Yae) [Prod. By Cardec Drums]

13. Late June (feat. CZAR Josh) [Prod. By Killawatts]

Pre-order Link:

Culture Villains announces “Preseason” Compilation Album Track-list

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