October 1, 2020


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Datin – Hell in the Hallway – Album Track-list

Datin - Hell in the Hallway - Album Track-list

Datin’s most anticipated album “Hell in the Hallway” is out and it’s one of the most transparent albums I ever heard! 

The only regret I have is “Hell in the Hallway” came at such a tragic cost in Datin’s life. Divorce is no joke but I’m glad Datin shared his experience through this album. I feel like it can help people in and out of the Christian hip-hop culture!

After the early release of Hell in the Hallway and Job Season, Datin still leaves you with a lot of great music on Hell in the Hallway. It’s a complete album from the “intro” to “Victory” and it’s Bookkeeper Approved!

Hot Tracks:

Every Last One of THEM!

Favorite Songs:


Most Inspirational:

The Door Opens (Interlude)

Honorable Mention:

Victory (feat. Bizzle)


1. The Door Shuts (Intro)
2. Hell in the Hallway
3. Panic (feat. Sevin & S.O.S.)
4. Job Season
5. Shook (feat. Jered Sanders & Selah the Corner
6. Peeling the Scab (feat. Evan Ford)
7. Lips Drip Honey
8. Dream Has Died (feat. Bumps Inf & J. Carter)
9. Rise (feat. Stefanotto)
10. Through the Storm (feat. Bizzle)
11. The Door Opens (Interlude)
11. Victory (feat. Bizzle)

“Hell in the Hallway” is On All Major Outlets:

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