Interview by Daryl Hall-Kemp and Alvin Hall

1. How did u get into Chh?

I started out doing secular music so music wasn’t new to me. When I left that behind and came to the Lord, I left rap music alone.  I figured rap was of  the devil, so I left rap in general alone.  Then one day the Lord allowed me to hear a Cross Movement interlude and this interlude encouraged people to use those same talents they used for the world, turn and use them for the Lord. I was encouraged by that and from that point on, I was a Christian Rapper.

2. What do you hope people will get out of your music and your new album?

I want people to be encouraged! This album “I Declare War” isn’t a album I just put together and put out.  I was on my face before the Lord asking him to give me the songs to encourage your people.  So, there is something on this album for everybody. No matter what your going through!
3.How much have you grown on this project, talent wise and Spiritual?
I just didn’t want to put together nice songs that glorify God.  I wanted God to put songs together that glorified Himself.

4. Who influenced you the most in music and in life?

That’s a tough question. I’m was influenced by so many artists. First names that come to mind are Cross Movement, T-Bone, L.G. Wise, Canton Jones, Dre Murray, and 2Five Tha Hood Rev.

5. Who are u listening to that we should be listening too?

Man, I’m a big fan and supporter of CHH, so I listen to a lot of artists. Some artists that come to mind are Survivor Q, Eccence Faze 2, A.R.C.H. Angel (From San Diego), Du2ce, Kyra De’Nae, to just name a few.  I truly love these artists.

 6. Who would you like to work with in the future?
I would love to work with Bizzle, Flame, and other talented artists wanting to push the gospel of Jesus.
7. One of the biggest topics in the music business now is streaming, how does that affect you as an artist?
Well, times have changed. Most don’t buy CD’s anymore. The downloads are not as high and streaming is big. I would love to be able to do ministry fulltime and not have a job but that’s not the case. But streaming is a big blessing to a lot of supporters that can’t afford to financially support. It does affect the sales but the music goes futher because people can listen anytime, anywhere without an issue.
I truly want people to be blessed by the music, so if streaming is the way, I accept that.

8. How hard is it to separate business and your ministry?

Sometimes it can be when you are working to get the word out, you may overlook the business side of things. A church would worry about the lights, gas, rent, etc… An artist would worry about studio, production, mixing/mastering, artwork, hardcopies, digital distribution, websites, and the list goes on.  Balancing out ministry and business will be a continued learning experience.
9. How are you changing the culture for God?

I can’t say I’m changing anything. Everything I do is because the Lord allowed me.  I’m just trying to spread the good news of Jesus to the world.

10. On your longest day and hardest battle what scripture do you find strength in?
IMG 4132
Sometimes it feels like the end of the world. Sometimes it feels like I won’t make it!
But Jesus is with me even in those hard times!

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Artist: Dedge P
Song Title: Made For War
Featuring: Eccence Faze 2 & John Jay
Directed by: Clon Productions


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