September 18, 2020

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Dee Black “Flight Club” Release Date & Track List

Dee Black "Flight Club" Release Date & Track List

Dee Black “Flight Club” Releases May 25th!

Dee Black is set to release his new album Flight Club on May 25th via HISstory Music Group.

His latest single release “Turbulence (feat. Phil J)” takes us on a journey of temptation, self-reflection, turmoil and ultimately deliverance.

Flight Club track list
1. Boarding
2. Runway
3. New Wine (feat. Germaine Martel)
4. Flight Announcement
5. Good Day (feat. Jered Sanders, Eshon Burgundy)
6. Hands High
7. Kyrie
8. One King (feat. Sean Blu)
9. Rock (feat. Mission)
10. Bottom Line (feat. Brother 3, Mouthpiece)
11. Turbulence (feat. Phil J)
12. Landing
13. Baggage Claim

Pre-order Flight Club exclusively via iTunes:

Audio: Dee Black “Turbulence (feat. Phil J)”

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