December 4, 2020


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Dennis Blair Tillman x Aries Marquis – JESUS MADE A WAY

Dennis Blair Tillman x Aries Marquis - JESUS MADE A WAY

Dennis Blair Tillman drops “JESUS MADE AWAY”

Connect with Dennis Blair Tillman

Dennis Blair Tillman Bio:

Dennis Blair Tillman Is A 32 Years Old Christian Man Of God That Is God Fearing and after God’s Own Heart And Always Loves God – Jesus Christ Number One And The People And The People Of God.

He Is A Gospel Gift And Talent That Works Hard At What He Does For The Lord To Give Perfect Message And Sound To Deliver To The World His Powerful And HeartFelt Testimony Through Gospel Music.

He Is All About Winning Lost Souls To Christ And Also To Encourage All The Same And Believers In Christ To Be Encouraged Always To Repent And Turn From Their Wicked Ways And Follow Christ Jesus As Being The Head And Lord And Savior.

God Has Anointed Dennis Blair Tillman With A Powerful Music Gift That Is Unique And Different And Not Like Another But His Own Style And Way Of Ministering To The World To Bless And Uplift Many Around The World.

Dennis Blair Tillman was born and raised In Kalamazoo, MI. He is the 7th of 8 siblings he is married to his lovely wife Lady Rosa Lee Tillman and has a son Elijah Edward Tillman.

Dennis Blair Tillman was a child within the Foster Home Care system. He was abused and physically neglected in so many ways. While being in Foster Care Homes.

At 7 Years Old Dennis Blair Tillman was adopted by his adopted father. This is when Dennis started experiencing molestation by the ones who he trusted and took care of him. While being in His adopted father’s home, Dennis Tillman also experienced physical, emotional, and mental abuse. By His Adopted Father Who Also He Thought He Trusted At That Time.

At the age of 10 years old and around 11 years old Dennis was raped. Dennis found an outlet by writing poems it was his happy place. He wrote everything down that he was going through.

At 25 years old Dennis Tillman accepted God’s calling on his life. He was Pastored for 6 years at Kalamazoo Baptist United Open Church.

Dennis Tillman published his first book at 18 years old. Then his autobiography at 25 years old. Dennis Tillman also records Gospel Music Currently.

Connect with Aries Marquis

Aries Marquis Bio:

A soulful singer-songwriter with a mixture of Pop and Soul. A lot of folks have biographies about their history as an artist, but this will not be a Biography…but an AUTOBIOGRAPHY! This is my history as a music artist directly:

Rumor has it that I’ve been singing since the age of 5 years old. I was in the choir of First Presbyterian Church of Scotlandville, Louisiana, where my mother was the choir director. I also sung in the choir at my elementary school.

Honestly, I had no clue that music was embedded in me until many years later. Of course, in my childhood era in the 90s, I couldn’t help but to absorb some of the greatest sounds from Gospel legends such as Daryl Coley, John P. Kee, Richard Smallwood and the Hawkins Family, to R&B/Soul sensations such Freddie Jackson, Toni Terry, D’Angelo, Boyz II Men, and many more of both genres. Little did I know that such influences would benefit me later in life.

By the new millennium, I was trying to discover what style of music I could cope with besides oldies and the Gospel that I’d been listening to; not saying that the music I was already listening to was bad, because I only listened to the best, but I wanted to expand my library from artist that were still creating music.

Unfortunately, very few caught my ear. Therefore, I dove deeper into discovering more music through anyone who was connected to the artists that I was presently listening to, and that helped for a while.

By high school, I was more into the church doing multiple things, whether ministering or singing, or helping with choirs. My mother was still directing at different churches, and I would sing in the tenor section at times. I decided to rejoin a school choir by joining the Scotlandville Magnet High School Choir my 11th grade year of high school, after taking band for a few years between middle school and my 10th grade year.

Many do not know that during all of these years of singing in choirs, whether in school or church, I was completely nervous and did not even think I could sing. Therefore, I never sung solo…ever. Nevertheless, my 12th grade year would change all of that.

Second semester of my 12th grade year, I brought to remembrance something that my mother told me and my brothers, “When you’ve reached your senior year of high school, make sure you go out with a bang.” With that being brought to mind, I entered into a talent show for my high school, Northdale Magnet Academy.

At the talent show rehearsal, for the first time in history, I had to sing a solo. I chose to sing, “Blessed Assurance” accapella. I will never forget singing the song with sweat dripping, legs trembling, and a lapsing memory from which I forgot the words a few times. With all of these cons, I received a roaring ovation from everyone who was in the auditorium at the time.

Shocked and stunned, I pondered on everything that had just taken place, and gained courage from that day forward to be able to sing…solo. For the rest of the year until graduation, I sung for a number of school events, and graduated with a new-found pride about my music, but there was much more to come.

After high school, over 2 years went by with nothing happening in my life except army enlistment on 06, and nothing happened at all musically, except expanding my music library and knowledge. I started practicing and playing with harmonies on my computer, and even created a small voice mail song for my phone. This drew alot of attention to many people that called my phone, but one particular person that heard my voice mail song would be the greatest influence of me becoming the artist that I am today, my dad, Kenneth Johnson; owner and founder of Black Music Cartel Entertainment!

At the time, he was managing a few artist and searching for talent, and I never thought to be an artist, because I never thought I had what it took. Write music? Perform live at a concert? No indeed. I didn’t know anything about the industry, but my dad, Kenneth Johnson, began to groom me starting with the phrase, “harness your skills.” So I did.

Between 2007 and 2008, I started writing songs, making myself a better writer, and had finally learned enough about music that fit my style and even gained more musical influences; the greatest being Eric Benet.

All the while my dad, who became my manager, was educating me more on the business side of music. I still had alot to learn, so I pursued knowledge about performing, royalties, touring, etc. Much of this came just in time, because by May of 08, I had met a singer, just as hungry as I was, by the name or Renaldo Pryce at a Baton Rouge club (at the time named House of Blues).

He had sung accapella at the open mic night on Thursdays, and immediately afterwards I confronted him, we talked about where we wanted to go with our talents, called up my dad and let him audition, and we became a duo group.

For the time being, we called ourselves A&R, which I thought was fairly “cheesy”, but for weeks we couldn’t think of anything else. Fortunately, we never performed under this name, but after a while, my mind thought of a name that was smooth and stylish: J2! J2 was short for Just two, since it was only two of us in the group.

We finally put our heads together to find a producer to bring our music from the paper to our ears, whom we confided in a female producer by the name of Nina Gray.

Our first recorded single was a song I wrote titled, “I’ll Always Be Here”. Few weeks has past, and we were done recording it. With a new name, performance experience, and a solid single, J2 was finally ready to hit the stage.

Our first performance came in Nov. of 08 at Club Elite in Baton Rouge at Wayne “Adlib” Spears’ album release party, a solo artist also managed by my dad. We performed our single and we performed a contemporary rendition of “Ribbon in the Sky” which Adlib produced. Although there were other performers before us, no one received an ovation except J2!

This was one of many performances that we would have outstanding reception with: May of 09, we performed “I’ll Always Be Here” and Renaldo’s single “Wedding Song” at the Mall of Cortana at a showcase, which was also televised, and we received the highest ratings.

We also performed a few months later in Lafayette, Louisiana at a television station, and many viewers called in about J2 touring, album release, etc. Although these are only a few noted performances, Every performance we made exceeded expectations. J2, was a force to be reckoned with. Nevertheless, opposition never stopped…

While we toured the region, we received many phone calls from A&R agents who made false promises, and many people in the industry who promised, yet never delivered.

We were promised distribution deals, major tours, opportunities to open for major acts, yet nothing ever happened. Of course, this took a toll on the morale on J2 and Adlib, but I did my best to try and keep us together. To me, my efforts of helping my group member and myself to “keep the faith” went null and void soon enough.

In the month of Sept, 2008, we, J2 and our manager (Adlib declined to show up, which became common) took a road trip to ATL to meet with a producer by the name of Greg Charlie, who produced some of Gerald Levert’s music, and a female indie artist promoter and magazine publisher.

While in this producer’s studio, he asked if we could sing for him. Renaldo sung a solo; I didn’t sing anything. Then we both sung a part of a song I wrote titled “Nick of Time”, but Renaldo sung the higher octave, and I had to sing the lower, which wasn’t how it’s originally sung. Everyone in the studio was fascinated more towards Renaldo, and even a local hip-hop artist openly informed Renaldo of such. This sealed J2’s fate. Now it was time to hear Greg’s input on our music.

We played “I’ll Always Be Here” and a few of Adlib’s song, and for the end result, the producer’s opinion was that our music was “Old School” and it needed more of a “New School” feel. This, of course led to a small debate between the producer and my dad and me about old school, new school, the industry, etc.

“Mildy” disappointed that nothing was accomplished during this trip, I still continued to see what could be done about pushing our music to greater heights once returning home. Nevertheless, J2 was moving towards it’s last days as a group. Performances were decreased, motivation was lowered, and talks of “solo albums” started uprising from Renaldo.

My dad was against it, and stood firmly on the group being promoted, and not any individuals besides Adlib, but by this time, even Adlib seemed to be moving away from the Black Music Cartel, and the following year, Black Music Cartel would be reduced to just one artist.

In 2010, I deployed to Haiti early that year. Although opposing the deployment at first, I saw the major benefit of financial reprieve that could help the group propel in a much better direction.

The deployment took me away from my music life for a short time, but I kept things up when I entered a huge talent contest based on soldiers from all over the country who had deployed to Haiti.

The contest lasted two nights, and it was 32 contestants including myself. I won the award show first place, and established my name in many people’s ears. Highly motivated, and eager to make things happen on my return, I was doing what I could to keep contact with Renaldo so that he would keep J2’s fire alive back at home; all the while our manager was making business trips to get us a distribution deal. On my end of effort towards my fellow group member, it was no use. Communication almost went completely dead between us.

On my dad’s end of effort, it was great, because we got distribution! A distribution deal wasn’t enough for Adlib or Renaldo. On my return home, there was to be a meeting that was to include the entire Black Music Cartel family, and my dad’s business partner. That day, only three people showed up: my dad, his business partner, and myself. I was now the only artist of the Black Music Cartel.

Slightly nervous and disappointed, I felt an enormous burden flee from my shoulder, and accepted that I was my only responsibility, musically. Seldom did I think of getting another member of the group, but my heart persuaded me to look at the independent power I could have doing my own music alone. It didn’t take even a week for me to decide that my name would simply be my first and middle names, Aries Marquis.

Next goal was to figure out how I would go about doing an album. At this moment in time, I had to write all of my songs without any extra help, and re-record all of my songs with every verse, bridge, chorus, harmony, etc being my own vocals.

I stepped up to the plate, and to this day, I enjoy such freedom. I taught myself how to play keyboard by ear, somewhat, and even learned to produce my own music. Tensions rose between my dad and our female producer, so we fell on the shoulders of our only producer, Ron North, who has produced a number of my songs, has assisted in setting up my own studio, and continues to be faithful in giving a helping hand on finishing my debut album titled, “Guaranteed”.

Though every experience that God has allowed me to go through with dealing with my musical life, I’ve learned that through patience, wisdom, and persistence, great things happen. I’m moving towards the sky much faster now than with I was with a group.

This was my destiny, and I’m ready for the world. With every lesson learned, and every experience, every single song and every album that I deliver to the people will not be anywhere near a disappointment, but complete satisfaction or close to it….Guaranteed.

Connect with Earl Hoodie

Earl Hoodie Bio:

CEO of EBeatz Productionz | Christian Rap Artist | Producer | Audio Engineer | Worship Leader | Choir Director | Graduate at Full Sail UniversityCEO of EBeatz Productionz | Christian Artist | Producer | Audio Engineer | Worship Leader | Choir Director | Currently a student at Full Sail University

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