September 27, 2020

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Die-Rek drops “Lift Me Up 1 Time”

Die-Rek "Lift Me Up 1 Time"

Die-Rek is staying busy writing and making beats for his Illect Recordings debut and he doesn’t disappoint with his latest release. “Lift Me Up 1 Time” has a very inspiring message!

From the physical to the spiritual to the digital, we are living in some competitive times. We’ve gone from trying to establish points of commonality to setting up barriers of difference. When was the last time you stopped, put self to the side and reached out to help someone other than yourself?

For his fourth single on Illect Recordings, Die-Rek switches up gears a little and kicks some intercessory requests in the form of slick wordplay and everyday introspection. Iron sharpens iron and Die-Rek implores the listeners to help him stay chisel.

There’s no chest pounding braggadocio or alpha male hyperbole to be found whilst he floats beautifully over the stuttery bassline and jittery synths. Whilst the beat sounds like a transmission from outer space, the man born Derek Jordan stays down to Earth like the pavement and humbly urges that if you ever see him slipping, check him and help him get right.

Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, friend or enemy. Instead of doing for self, do it for someone else and lift them up one time.

Lift Me Up 1 Time is out now on Illect Recordings.

Audio – Die-Rek “Lift Me Up 1 Time”:

Written by Christopher Mitchell for Breaking Atoms.

Lift Me Up 1 Time is available on all digital platforms.


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