September 18, 2020

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DIE-REK “Praises of Men” Music Video

DIE-REK "Praises of Men" Music Video

On his third single from The Dying Ones, Die-Rek carefully analyses the supposed importance of the “praises of men”, the value it adds to our lives or the lack thereof.

Even though the primate-like thump of the self-produced beat will make you do the Klingon Face™ immediately, the lyrical content is still intensely personal. Die-Rek’s unique perspective on props from peers will require repeated listens for effective digestion. It’s safe to assume that Die-Rek humbly accepts any renowned kudos, but he also knows that his legacy is greater than Earthly trinkets and his real treasures are stored in Heaven.

Video: “Praises of Men”:

The Dying Ones is out now on Illect Recordings.

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