September 23, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

Dominion Olajide – He sees

Dominion Olajide - He sees

The Concept Behind Dominion Olajide – “He sees”:

Satan does not respect our crying and weeping in time of trouble. Satan only recognizes declaration of war through our relationship with God and our weapon of prayer. Satan does not grant freedom. It must be demanded. Life is not fair. We must declare that life must be fair to us.

Watch Dominion Olajide – “He sees”:

Artist Bio:

Dominion Olajide Alade has been ministering in music at various churches but he did not take his ministry very seriously because he is also a civil servant in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. In 2012, he produced an album and gave it out to friends and family without letting the world know about it. One day, Dominion heard about destiny and he prayed, ‘my father what is my destiny?’ In the dream, Dominion saw himself on the alter holding a microphone while many people were listening to him. When he woke up, he rejected the dream and said‘God forbid; my destiny is not to be a pastor’. But the Holy Spirit ministered to him, asking him: ‘What are the gifts. After struggling with the Holy Spirit, he yielded to the will of his Father. Though the Devil initially diverted his destiny, Dominion is grateful to God who has helped him to recover his purpose on earth as a minister, songwriter, composer, and musician in the land of the living. Born into a family of musicians, he is the last child and the only male among seven siblings. Dominion plans to continue using his God-given gifts to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. Dominion is very simple, but strict about the things of God. His prayer is that, at the end of our journey on earth, our names will be written in the book of life. Dominion is married with two children a girl and a boy. He is a minister in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Tentmaker, Samonda, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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