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Dru Bex releasing new mixtape 6 Luv Vol. 1 honoring Toronto

Dru Bex releasing new mixtape honoring Toronto!

Dru Bex releasing new mixtape 6 Luv Vol. 1 honoring Toronto! Full video will be released on Feb 18th, 2016

Dru Bex released his newest mixtape “6 Luv Vol. 1”, dedicated to celebrating his love of Toronto, on February 12th, 2016.

The mixtape featuring single “Christian Rappers 2016” consists of six tracks showing off his creative genius and lyrical skills while representing the city he loves. Working with a collage of instrumentals from various producers including 9th Wonder, J Dilla and CHH artists including Json, Beautiful Eulogy, and more – mixing hip hop with melodic elements to bring a unique sound to his audience. He brings his listeners along a tour of the city through his experience while spreading a message for positive change.

“Anyone who knows me knows my love for the city of my birth runs deep. It’s actually in the middle somewhere between my love for God and my love for Hip-Hop. With the mixtape, I’m celebrating all three! I get to give people a sense of who God is to me and who He could be for the person listening.

I get to show love to my City right around that special day that’s supposed to be all about love…haha…as well as during the All-Star Weekend when all eyes are on the 6; finally, I get to honor Hip Hop by creating new songs over some of my favorite recent instrumentals, most of which are from my fellow rappers in the genre commonly known as Christian HipHop. I hope the project is embraced by people at home as well as all around the world!” – Dru Bex

Dru Bex is a Toronto based musician, rooted in the Christian music scene. This will be his second project released with Role Model Records, a label dedicated to inspiring its listeners through its music and pointing all to Christ.

6 Luv Vol. 1 is available for free download through Noise Trade as of Friday, February 12th, 2016 (All-Star Weekend).


6 Luv Vol. 1 Track List

  1. Dru Bex – “Swavey Syndrome” uses the instrumental for “Full Circle” performed by Hazakim
  2. Dru Bex – “Pray 4 The 6” uses the instrumental called “TaylorBabeSoul!!!” by 9th Wonder

  3. Dru Bex – “Inner Villainy” uses the instrumental for “Honeymoon” performed by Stephen The Levite

  4. Dru Bex – “Strictly For My Dancers” uses the instrumental for “Love to Do it” performed by Json

  5. Dru Bex – “OMW” uses the instrumental for “Release Me From This Snare” by Beautiful Eulogy

  6. Dru Bex – “Christian Rappers 2016” uses the instrumental called “Dillatronic 04” by J Dilla

  • All songs recorded and mixed by Dru Bex, co-mixed and mastered by Adam P.

Twitter Info: @drubex @rolemodelrecords
• We are also requesting for project reviews
• For any interview requests, please contact Brittney Hall at [email protected]

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