October 30, 2020


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Dru Bex – Tenacious Remix (feat. Promise & Kay Sade)

Dru Bex - Tenacious Remix (feat. Promise & Kay Sade)

New single from Toronto, Canada based emcee Dru Bex (Role Model Records) entitled, Tenacious Remix (feat. Promise & Kay Sade). Jeremy Rodney-Hall handles the beat production.

Produced by Jeremy Rodney-Hall, Role Model Records artist Dru Bex releases the remix to “Tenacious”, a single off of his highly anticipated EP Imperfect Messenger, released in April 2015. Featuring Promise and Kay Sade, “Tenacious” describes the intense and unfailing love that Christ has towards us as believers…despite our dirt and short comings.

“My intention for this song is to paint a picture about the truth of God’s love towards us and at the same time…my hope is that we see how we should respond to His love…by realizing the freedom granted to us through His blood and most importantly, loving one another”. – Dru Bex

Audio – Dru Bex – Tenacious Remix (feat. Promise & Kay Sade):

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Stream/Download: Dru Bex “Tenacious Remix (feat. Promise & Kay Sade)”

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