October 31, 2020


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Dwayne Reed “Silver & Gold” single

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CTZN Music is proud to announce the release of Dwayne Reed’s new folk single “Silver & Gold”. You may have heard him on previous material by CTZN Collective and also on JSON’s upcoming release for Lampmode Recordings.

“Silver & Gold” is the perfect song for Valentine’s day to help process real genuine love and who it comes from.

Dwayne shares the back-story about the single:

Luke, our guitarist, played a simple, little melody for us one night, and asked us (Lucas, Dwayne), if we could come up with some words to fit it. We probably spent 30-45 minutes just thinking of the an idea for the song, then it hit us: “Silver and Gold!”

From the onset, we knew the song was going to be about how riches, fame, and glory ultimately don’t satisfy a person. We know from experience that the only thing, or One, who can truly satisfy our heart’s desire to be filled, is the One who created it: God.

However, the song purposely does not mention the name God or Jesus. Though Christ is the ultimate satisfaction, there are people in our lives who can be good, earthly reflections of the love with which God loves His people.

For me, the person whom I would rather have instead of silver and gold, is my little sister. For Luke, it’s his best friend, Chris. And for Lucas, it’s his mom.

We hope the song resonates with people and reminds them that this life is not about what you’ve got, but more about who you have to share it with. Most importantly, it’s about the God who gives us good so that we would turn around and cherish Him more than any treasure on Earth.

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